Saturday, June 5, 2010

many many things

have happened this past few weeks.sorry i have been neglecting you loves,i just wasn't in the mood to blog.

writer's block~

okay,since my last update,so many things happened.i've already moved out from intan and right now i'm living with gondut.not starting taylor's yet.its commencing in july.(scared)

so in the mean time,i'm goin back to sabah!home sweet home~

but i'm still kinda sad over the fact that i'm not gonna be able to see my miim friends from now on.and i miss my roomate so so bad.but yeah,thank God for facebook!

since today is sunday,meaning,only 3days left before Tambunan!i so can't wait to see my family and friends.i miss them terribly.and i've planned all this exciting trips with my besty!cannot wait i tell ya.

so these are the only updates i have for now,who knows,maybe my next update will be made back home!hehe

toodles loves,