Friday, September 21, 2012

Beware, for I am going to be emotional in this post.


Family is really important for me. I mean, they're everything for me. I'm nothing without my family. Extended family, on the other hand, some we're better off without. But blood is blood. Can't change your relations.

Shit happens, and arguments often lead to people not talking to each other even though they live right next to each other. Which is fine by me, but still kinda hurts, even a teensy tiny bit. Still breaks my heart.

They say time heals all wounds. I've seen it happen time and time again. No pun intended cause this is a mighty serious post I'm making. Ahem. This wound? Maybe it'll heal, but it may take a very, very, very long time. I just hope some of us survives through this.

But, more than anything, I hope my parents will not be left wounded.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Oh no Jose.(the title got nothing to do with this post)

Time to clean off the dust covering this beloved blog of mine. So, a lot has happened in my life between the last post and this. Not that my life has a huge impact on the world. Never has, never will?

But anyways, I'm still gonna blog about whateverrr I want to. Comprende?

So, finally in my LAST semester. OHGODNO, did I just jinx that by saying(typing) it out loud? Please I hope not. NO more complications please. I just wanna graduate from this place quietly and get on with my life somewhere else.

Exam results just came out. I did fine, but what broke my heart was that I got B- for an English subject. Oh I could just see my pointers literally going down the drain. That's what you get for not studying the subject that you thought was going to be a walk in the park. Deserved that B- I guess.

Presently, I have this feeling of anxiousness and nervousness that I cannot explain myself. And I don't like it one bit. Maybe I'm just scared that I might not be able to score tickets for the premiere of Resident Evil Retribution tomorrow? Or is it because I don't wanna wake up early for class tomorrow?

Or am I feeling this way because a certain guy asked me to try something but ditched me without me knowing what I did wrong? He said let's try, so I'm trying, but he went MIA. Awesome guy. Maybe I should just stick with my Facebook crush guy whom I'm never going to meet in person. Practically a stranger to me except for the fact that we have 3 mutual friends. Well actually I'm in love with his tattoo. The fact that he's kinda cute doesn't hurt either. Dating my imaginary boyfriend it is then.

ANYWAYS, crazy talk aside, its September. The year is almost over and I'm closer to that vacation I've been counting down for since April. Oh Korea, thou shalt wait for thy to come, won't you?

Which reminds me. I had a list of things to do before I die thingy, and one of them was to go to a Big Bang concert at least once. Come this October, I get to cross that off my list! Cannot wait and plus maybe I'd get to meet my KL friends who I miss terribly. Fingers crossed!

Arghhhhhh. Something is still not right. My chest still feels stuffy. What is it?! Danggit maybe I should change my mantra from living life one day at a time to YOLO. Fuck it, I'm going YOLO. Adios amigos!