Monday, August 30, 2010

bangs bangs bangs!


i just wanted to document this day.since it's 31st August and all~

i have bangs!

i've never had bangs like these my whole feels nice trying something new once in a while. and it's totally amazing how a simple haircut like this could change your whole look.

i'm loving it so far!

Saturday, August 28, 2010



to me, is bittersweet.

on one hand, it's a painful goodbye to those who still need you alive on earth.

on the other hand, it's time to say hello to your creator.

either way,it is something unavoidable and inevitable.


it's coming for you.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

i freakin love dvd sets!

and i mean it!

i just got my new moon dvd set from borders,and plus the soundtrack for new moon and eclipse. still haven't listened to any of em thou.hehe.i'll have tons of time later.

currently living in front of our dvd player, watching He's Beautiful. I didn't have any second thoughts about the price after i had this weird dream about Jang Geun Suk. i just had to buy the set!and seems like my whole family (except dady dear) is very very happy with my decision. thou i did tell a little white lie to mumy.

told her i borrowed it from a friend.hehe.she would kill me if she knew the truth.*pray pray*

i love holidays.

gonna have a trip to sandakan very soon.can't wait!

cosmo girl

so far so good.

had only one subject,and no final exam paper,just a presentation,which i'm pretty sure i nailed perfectly.hehe.bragging.

i had the cutest lecturer!which made waking up early and going to class easy as pie for me. too bad we only had one month with him.T-T. never mind,the memory of me drooling and ooing and gagaing over him will surely last a lifetime.haha.

small volume of kids in my class.just 20 peeps.some are nicer than the others.i'm sticking with my two lovely roomates thou.since i'm the oldest,i sort of feel like i have the responsibility to protect them.and i do try my best at that.*smile*

the sem is over for now.the real studying starts in september.can't wait~die.

by then i'll be reunited with mr.acer thou,can't wait for my baby to return!

cleaning up!


seems like i have to clean up the dust on my blog.sorry I've been neglecting this one pleasure i have in my life.

updates on my life coming right up!

ehem..lets pretend there are people interested with my life for one moment k guys.;)