Saturday, February 27, 2010

Poison anyone who's ever been in a ceramah with me,knows how much i hate it!
i never last more than 15mins.after that,i'd be the target of the speaker,and everyone else thats watching.haha.what?i'm a good drooler.~ today,i have to go to one of these.patience teng.its all for your own good.i'm one step closer to gettin my license!

adai.but still.ceramah!make the time fly by ah God?huhu

off to Subang!!




my mum said,the reason i'm so,how should i say this,em..unmotivated with my life right now,
i.e:assignments,studies,etc,is because,i don't have a boyfriend.

seriously mum?should i be glad or should i be scared having this woman as my mum??haha.

but,yeah,i am kinda unmotivated right now.i'm living my life a day at a time,and not even thinking about what i'd be doing tomorrow,or the day after.or the day after that.

i dunno,but i realize,i lack passion in my life.yeah sure,having idol crushes is fun,but lets face it,they're merely fantasies.and i say this over and over again,i'm happy being single!but of course,there are times i wish i had someone to lean on(other than my family and friends that is).

argh.why do you have to be such a know-it-all mum?but,me saying you're right doesn't mean i'm gonna dive right back into the love game.haha.

only time will tell.and i have a feeling,it's gonna take a don't hold your breath mum.haha.


Friday, February 26, 2010

the book of ELI

we watched that.instead of Valentine's was fully booked.AGAIN.ergh.
but i guess it was a blessing in disguise.imagine watching a movie about love,with your ex.haha.

the movie was..okaaay was a good story,but not one thats memorable.i'll be forgetting the storyline in a few days.

he was the same old him.still calls me BUTED,meaning,FAT.ergh.hate that.i'd like to think of me as curvacious,not FAT!but,one thing was for sure,i really have moved know the feeling when your heart skips a beat when ever you see the person you like?well all i know is,that didn't happen to me today.and thats a good thing la,kan?~

hmm..well,i'll always be fond of him.i'll always love him.i'm just not IN love with him're all grown up huh?congratulations!!

so,currently,i am positively sure i am happy being single.and crushing on people.haha.what?~
it's fun laa..hehe.

well,hope he'll find someone much better,and lead a happy life.thats all i want him to be,happy with his life.

gosh teng~jiwang much?hahaha.well,gonna enjoy my blueberry cheesecake now.and chocolate indulgence..hehe..and i wonder why i'm so..CURVY.haha


Thursday, February 25, 2010


ooowh THANK GOD i finally passed my computer test!!
after 3 failed attemps,the 4th try proved to be the one!,i'm finally another step closer to getting my license.this sunday,i'll be goin on the bengkel part.gasp.ceramah?~haish.

haha.o well,at least now,i don't have to worry about computer tests anymore,i passed and will be getting my L license very soon.hehe.

aaaah.felt like a huuuuge log has been removed from my chest lor.

thank you guys for your supports!!


Wednesday, February 24, 2010

must not fail..again!

so,tomorrow is my test again.fourth time.

i shall not fail.again.and again.

wish me all the luck you can give please!

i am soo ready to move on with this.haha.just imagine la,i started this MARCH its almost MARCH 2010.GILA BABI!

please please please let me pass this test. 42 pn 42 laa..yg penting lulus!

ba teng,STUDY LAAAA bongok!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

False Alarm!

So,another post is missing.haha.


i was overreacting.when the truth didn't happen.
haha.pheew.i'm kinda means that, i don't SCARE people away from me,haha.
well,i'm gonna be less stalkerish now.haha.goodbye pretty was sweet while it lasted.
and he will never know!muahaha~

so,i'm watching Dichi Michi on MHI right now.they once called me,cause i was once related to a community.if they go famous,i have the right to brag,they called me when they were unknown!haha

so,class at 11am.breakfast time.
need my cup of coffee or else my day will start off at the wrong foot.

owh.did i mention,my favourite NOSE sandal is resting in peace in some junkyard somewhere? well,i kinda tripped infront of a bunch of people,hehe.and it was unsaveable.T.T

gonna miss you nosy!muah!

p/s:dichi michi sounds good,but my buddies,SPATWO,sounds better!promote2.haha

RISKY,avid readers of my blog might notice,a certain post is missing.haha.
i decided to take it down.since,it was obviously TMI and i'm scared of the guy i talked(or rather stalked) about might find out about my blog.haha.that will be the end of me la kn.

so,i don't think he will ever find out about my blog thou,but just to be safe,i deleted it.
sad.i thought it was my best piece so far.but hey,i took a mental picture of that worries.,about my backpacking trip across peninsular malaysia,i'm serious about,right now i'm making plans.first and foremost,pulau tioman!maybe i'm goin there with gondut and meme. to be safe,pysically and budget-wise.hehe.

and then,i'm thinkin,johor!goin there to visit my aunt.or else she'd be fussing over me not coming there whenever we meet back at home.what's interesting in johor ah?i might have to ask my housemate aisha.she's johorean.really pretty also.good thing i'm straight and she's got a boyfriend.haha.

and then where?melaka!city of history.went there once.when i was would be nice to revisit all those place i visited with my family.

after that, i dunno.i'll cross these places out of my list first,and then i'll think of new ones.
if you guys have any suggestions,buzz me ya!

excited for my trip,

Monday, February 22, 2010


okay.the assignments phase is over.not really la,still got some,but at least i have enough time for those now.breathe easy teng~

so now here goes:-
media society grouping - slideshow and paperworks
scriptwriting one - radio add,recording and documentary scripts

and then..drum rolls please!

this thursday,guess what test i have? test for my driving license~if i fail again for the FOURTH time,then i know it's a sign from GOD that i am not meant to have a license,or even drive a car..hahaha!

sigh~this time,i am going to try my best!better start reading the book and doing those quizzes teng!,i'm feeling better than yesterday.i feel okay actually.i've decided.thou he's not the one,i still can be his friend kan?yeah.i can.

haha.heartbroken before it even started.nowhere near starting pun.hahaha.but i'm fine,i will be soon.

MR.RIGHT..if you're anywhere out there,you know where to find me.currently i'm in KL laa, but if you wanna see my parents first also can ba.XD

delusional suda balik ni.yeaaaaah ME!

and guys,thank you for reading my blog.and giving me your supports.i really appreciate those.
whether you guys anonymously read or those that i know reads my blog,THANK YOU!

i love you all,
almost happy~

what?now i'm confused.

moments ago..i felt,i died.i really did feel that?

(my posts for now akan berbaur jiwang skit)

my God.i am soo easily satisfied.with something as simple as a conversation.but really,it was like i was getting a CPR.but i'm not quite sure if i'm up or not.still in between the lines maybe.

i'm able to breath for now,but something in my stomach feels painful.(LITERALLY,salah makan kali)

but why?just when i thought it was over (even before it began,haha), he goes and do that to me. what?when i like someone,i must really like em.sigh~

what does this mean?ergh..all i know is,i am not gonna get my hopes up,not yet.or else,i'll get hurt,again.

in a stable condition,

poker face

trying my best to act normal in front of my friends.
but deep down,i'm bawling.crying my hearts laughter seems so fake,so made up right now.i just wanna curl in my bed,and cry cry cry.but i don't want to.

stupid la teng.feeling pain for a guy that doesn't even know you like him.stupid.

but ergh!damn it.and i also think,this is for the best.better i get hurt now,rather then later.

so now,i am fully dedicating myself to my studies,assignments(maybe) and having fun being single.

this semester break,is gonna be ALL ABOUT ME.having fun with my singledom.yes.i will go on those backpacking trips i always wanted to do since i fell in love watching globe trekkers..haha.

here's to a fresh new start!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

not funny.

when your family is on facebook.not funny.
i mean,my cousins,aunts,and uncles,i don't mind.they don't poke into my bussiness.we do our own thing.
but when your mum and sisters start jumpin on the wagon,its a whole different story.

my mum,and little sisters are on facebook.the one place i get to run away from them.
now,nowhere is safe.not even heaven.

now,i have to watch what i post,pictures of me,everything!wargh!


is the end getting near for me?i really did not see this coming my way.

somebody kill me.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

won't even start

so,thanks to my lovely besty kuny,(love you doll!),,i saw on youtube this very wonderful korean-american singer,David if i needed more reasons to love koreans!haha.

his one song in particular,(also suggested by kuny,haha) 'won't even start' really hits the right spot in my love life.not that i have one currently.

in this song,he sings about letting go of his ex-girlfriend who has moved on with a new guy.

so,me being the overimaginative girl that i am,of course,put myself in his shoes,applying this song to my life.i guess,if i see him with someone new,thou its hard to do,i have to let go.and i know i can.

if i ever see you on the street,i'll pretend that i didn't see and turn my face.

i won't even start.i'll be okay..that's what i'd say.

he's a really sweet singer,great voice and great songs.

p/s:assignments still not done.haha

Friday, February 19, 2010

menyempat lagi ba..LOL i'm down to a few assignments.
scripts.ideas.aargh.haha.but still got time to update my blog?haha.
okay.lapar nasi.tapi no selera.assignments killing my appetite.
enteng?no appetite?i know,shocking!

mataaaaaaaai dong gue kalo ini macam terus-terusan.
enteng jadi senteng sudah.

coffee overload!

DANG..two assignments down!individual assignments that is. now i'm left with group assignments.


now, i need to think of two more scripts.IKLAN RADIO.shit.i need more ideas!
and then MS..need to search infos about current issues regarding FILM.

waaaargh!and not to mention,need to find two topics.minimum infos=TWO PAGES per topic.


and then next assignment for Scriptwriting1,has something to do with CERAMAH RADIO.

waaaargh!those who know me,knows that the word CERAMAH means POISON to me.

this killing my hasn't done this much thinking,since high school!

and i'm goin gaga since i went coffee overload.


Thursday, February 18, 2010

IDEA datanglah!


assignment yang betul2 mengerah otak.
idea for one malaysia

why is it that i never run out of ideas to write on my blog but when it comes to writting scripts, i go BLANK.

i was never meant to be a scriptwritter.i hate thinking for new and fresh ideas.i wanna be a journalist.a reporter doesn't think of new ideas,they report on them.aargh.

think outside the box.BUT HOW?!

please inspire me God.pleaseeeeeeee..i'm running out of time and the deadline is growing near.
i really really wish my brain was useful.but it's not.aaaaaaaaargh.

i'm going bald.X-X

it beats.

after quite a while.haha.i feel like a giddy teenage high school girl.
i never realized how much i missed this feeling.haha.seungri.*wink*
this post is for me to understand,and for you to ponder upon.

hehe,it beats!and skips a beat!


musim relax2 sudah berakhir.
assignments datang menyerang,waaaaaargh!
and i am totally defenceless!
aargh..someone..please kill me,cuz my brain ain't's totally useless and clueless.
fuh3..and why the hell am i updating my blog and not working on my assignments?BODOH!

i wish i was dead.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

CNY+Valentines Day

rindu kamu!

wheeeeew.can't believe the weekend is sad.

i feel so alive.hehe.i wonder why.maybe cuz i just met my friends whom i haven't seen in quite a while.God i miss them terribly already.

so,i didn't get to watch V-day the movie with miki.she fell sick.poor thing..huhu.there's always next time hun! so,i went with a bunch of my besties.btw,kuny,jurul and zuan slept at gondut's with me.happy times!we had a blast.haha.or more like,enteng n kuny got bullied by jurul with zuan watching,that kinda fun,haha.

so,we went to midvalley on the 14th. met up with paulus and ben.CRAZY KIDS.and then kikau and sean.LOVING COUPLE.and then there was christelyn.HOTstuff.haha.

and then on the 15th..the 4 of us went bowling at TS.haha.again,FUN!good ol times.we got dvd's for movie night which was also our last night together.sad.but everything ends.and there will always be next time.haha.miss those kids already.

and now,back to reality.gasp!

my media society assignment is nowhere near finish.i haven't even started yet!and then tomorrow i've got a test.which i literally and on purposely forgot.i am so dead meat!

well,tonights gonna be a very long long night.haha.


Tuesday, February 9, 2010

what if.

i know i said i'm moving on from him.i know.

but just now,he turned on his ym (which he rarely does)..and while i always let my status go on invisible,i quickly (and unashamedly) turned it visible.and i changed my profile picture just to make him notice.and looks like,he didn't notice at all.(i literally felt my dignity crumble)

i'm the cheapest girl ever.

i never thought of this before,but what if,,he moved on first?what if he's the one with the new girlfriend?how would i react to that?ergh..i think i know the answers to those Q's. least if he moves on faster and is happily ever after with his new girlfriend,it gives me more determination to move on with my life (for real) and find someone brand new.

someone that..okay i'm gonna stop here.or else i'd be all moppy and emo and stuff.yukky.

hey,,i got seungri now.haha.saranghae!


Monday, February 8, 2010


i know.kris is soo far away you can barely see him.but focus on the fat guy wearing black tee. haha.i just think this one is a cool picture.
Kris Allen Security.

Kris Allen

on a lighter note.

today i saw Kris Allen in the first ever international artist.with my own two eyes!

if only it was seungri..*sigh*

but Kris is not bad at fact..he's really cute!i get the-guy-next-door vibe from him,since he's married to his girlfriend of seven years and all.haha.but he really is cute.

and then i saw my favourite vj's of all times!

JJ and Ean were the mc's of the show.JJ really is hilarious..and Ean?cute as a button!!
and then,Jin came out throwing goodie bags..and HE IS HOT!weeeew..smokin!

haha.i went with syah today.thank God she went along.hehe.would've been hard to take pictures on my own.and embarassing too.

yeaah,,had fun today.Kris Allen was hot.

if only it was Seungri.I could've died and not feel sorry at all.

owh and btw,i saw the girl who plays tanusha on geng bas sister would've freaked!

p/s:i imagined myself getting all excited posting this,but something came up,and now i'm all moody emo and stuff.shiss..thanks dude.

saranghae seungri.always.


MYOB dude.


so WHAT if i'm in love with a guy who's never gonna know my name?or even the fact that i exist.

just so you know, saying "KEEP UR DREAM" makes me feel soo...urgh..MYOB dude!

me obsessing over him make your life miserable meh?ergh...guys and their insensitivity..and people wonder why i get into imaginary relationships.

go worry over your own life laaaa..i never care what you do with your life kn?

ada sa p menyibuk ka???

ergggggggggggggggh..i just need to punch something damn hard right now. get the idea.

f*ck off haters.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

vintage ME

thats me! thats me! haha. yeap thats me..the one with trojan hair. i'm damn cute right?haha.
those were the times of my glorious cuteness..and perfect skin,and perfect hair.haha.
and the BALD one is my sister..shantylin..but since she was a baldy, we call he UNDUL. and the name got stucked, even until now, when her hair is like,long til her butt.haha.poor girl.
OMG..i still can't get over my chubby cheeks!if i saw baby me right now,i'd be like "you are soooooooooooo cuteeeeeeee"..haha..(masuk bakul sendiri alert!)
but bout that huh?those cheeks and hair are TO DIE for..too bad,presently,thats not the case.haha.but i'm still fat,and chubby.but not in the cute way.well,i don't care!haha.i was a cute baby!
if only seungri would see this.he'd wish he had met me earlier.hahahaha.(thou he still has'nt met me in reality)<-------so sad.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

more assignments!

phewwww..but me likey!

cause its fun..and not boring at all..
you know how most lecturers give you assignments and tell you to pass up in two weeks?
well..our scriptwriting lecturer gives us TWO days.


but in a way,i kinda like gives us less time to stall around and do stupid stuff.
we need to act fast and think no being lazy2.haha.

right now..i'm downloading commercials.and trying to figure out the concept of 1Malaysia for a future assignment related to making PSA.i'm already loving this one.

here's to hoping i'll feel this way longer than when i had a crush on MinHo.hehe.


Tuesday, February 2, 2010


so, today we got our first assignment for Scriptwriting 1. making scripts!
simple ones laa..i made scripts for iklan OXY and Celcom Blue. very SKEMA ok.haha.

i laugh at adds that uses words that are so skematik, and now i myself am using those words.haha.KARMA.

with my assignments done (this is the fastest assignment i've made so far), now i have time to drool over Seungri oppa on youtube.HEHE.

V.I.C.T.O.R.Y here i come baby!

seungri saranghae!


Monday, February 1, 2010



for being in love with someone that doesn't even know i exist.haha.sad isn't it?but i really don't care.

he's hot.he sings.he dances.he plays the piano.and did i mention he's HOT?.*squeel*

i'm in love with his panda eyes.his smile.his voice.(i am delusional)

lets face it,he's never gonna be my boyfriend in real life,but there's no reason stopping me from dreaming,is there?haha.i don't care.

the best thing about having an imaginary superstar boyfriend is,he's never gonna hurt you.and thats what i like.

unless he comes out to the media admitting he's gay and in love with g-dragon.or he's got a girl group member girlfriend.then its over between us.

haha.pathetic and sad.but hey,i'm happy with that.

maybe cause singles awareness day is coming.(some call it valentine's day..yuukk).that's why i'm being moppy and all.haha.

nonetheless.i am in love with seungri.and here's to our bright future together!(unsaveable me)