Tuesday, March 30, 2010

i'm seeing double?

hahaha.so currently i'm checking out a few of my friends blogs and get this, cc and miki have the same blog template!hahahahahahhaha!LOL indeed!

i don't know bout you guys,but in the fashion world,wearing the same outfit is a major no-no,a faux pas!!haha.so what does having the same blog template means?you girls sort this out yah,i just needed to get this of my chest,laughing so hard!


btw,if it were me,i'd change my layout a.s.a.p!

bonding time!

so okay,my cousin metot came down to KL all the way from melaka.yay!

she came last sunday and then we went straight to lowyat to buy her laptop.one week with my cousin!

the last time she came,i wasn't able to spend time with her since i was working at kLcc. Now that i'm full time student again,haha,i have tons of time to spend with her.

so yesterday,we chilled at home,played around with her new laptop (i love new shiny stuff) and watched tv all day.today was a whole different story.

we went to mid valley (which btw is my favorite place to hang at) and at first we were only going to watch one movie (how to train a dragon,which was great!) but instead, we watched two (under the mountain, which btw,was not so great).and get this,i promised my self i would not buy ANYTHING but alas,FOS got to me.well,actually we paid tong2 la for two shirts.it was two for the price of one!no girl can resist that offer right?hehe.

so,today was fun.and tomorrow,hehe,we're goin bowling at times square!cannot wait for tomorrow to come.


Saturday, March 27, 2010

i love sam!

yeah.my first local crush!haha.

i mean,whats not to like?he is sooo..sempoi!just watched him in evolusi kL drift 2.and he acted with this funny chinese-trying-to-speak-malay accent!LU MEMANG LANGSI!haha.

from bohsia,to adnan sempit,and then niyang rapik,after that asmaradana and now kL drift,i'm liking him even more each time i see him act.haha.who would've thought i'd have a crush on a local actor!he's cute!haha.okay for now,can't wait to see more of his movies!


Wednesday, March 24, 2010


when boredom sets in,even death seems exciting.yeap~

i had huge hopes of making this holiday exciting,but alas,what ever plans i made,they have to wait.fate has other plans for me. <---- thats me trying to console my heart.

why does every single thing here have to cost money?i know,tu es mui stupido for asking such stupid question teng.

even going back home to sabah cost money.(like DuH!).haish.moments like these i hate.when money is the problem.me and money.frenemies.love em when i have lots around.but hate when they're not within my graps.its a love hate relaysh actually.

can't live with and can't live without em.am i right or am i right.

on a more lighter note,gondut is maybe taking us to the movies tonight.but the thing is,he wants to watch KL Drift.ergh.i hate malay movies that revovles around rempits or drifters.but since this one has got shaheizy sam (love!) in it,then i'll give it a shot.well,malaysia boleh la kan.

i'm not gonna go all emo freak on ya'll.have a great day everyone.



sad.i had so much hope that this would be an awesome holiday.but,i have to postpone my trips to make way for important stuff like getting my driving license.

haish~but just my luck.getting that gete intsructor.dang it.i was suppose to enjoy my lessons,not feel uneasy all the time.

God have mercy.let me finish this as quickly as possible.

so,currently gaining weight at gondut's.bored as hell but better i'm staying at home than wasting money goin out rite?(i keep telling myself that to feel better T.T )

well,can't wait until cousin metot comes from melaka.we're goin laptop shopping at lowyat, and i really crave going to redbox!!my inner beyonce can't wait to get out.and she only comes out at redbox.singin take a bow.hahaha.

well,this is it for now.until next time.when i'm bored and got nothing much to do.i'll update my posts.haha


Saturday, March 20, 2010

Ulu Yam Trip!

i love everyone in these pictures!

yeaaaah.so last thursday we went to ulu yam waterfall.FINALLY!after a few sems of planning on doing some group gathering,we finally made one happen and it was very happening!
gosh.it was really a lotta fun and we got some amaaaaaaaazing pictures taken by our resident photogs.(really talented u guys!).those 3 pics are mere fractions of the pics we took that day.pheeeew.what a trip.love love loved it!
here's to more trips in the future.next up on our list..ISLAND CAMPING!yeah!
love and love and lots of love,

Monday, March 15, 2010

i rawk!

yeaah.turns out,i wasn't completely naked when i answered my exam paper today.haha.i had my cloths on!(meaning:i do have a brain!)

so happy scriptwritting is done.now left with media societ.gosh.its harder i think.with the teories and so on.

aaaah.life.there are moments that i love,after all.


Saturday, March 13, 2010


i think i'm falling in love.again~

i think i'm in love with Jerry Yan+Ella Chen.haha.gotcha didn't i?
so,yeah.it's confirmed.Down With Love is my latest obsession.

what a cute couple!!you guys should see them together.not just in the drama but during interviews.i've never seen jerry this laid back before.ella is one helluva sunshine huh?soo happy for them both!

and yeah.i WISH they were dating in real life.i really do.haha.why am i always like this?lifeless~

but,i don't really care much rite now.i just wanna enjoy my time on earth!

but really,i should be studying rite now.exam is tomorrow and i'm here,updating my blog.drooling over the cuteness that is jerry+ella.haha.

well,so much for getting a life.here's to jerry and ella,dating in real life!!chaiyo!


Bradley Cooper was GAY!

it was a shocker!trust me~ i was shocked.

but yeah,of course it was only in the movie,and his partner was McSteamy!talk about when two HOTstuff collide.

yesterday was fun.found out the Garden had GSC Signature.heard there were few people there.and so we went.and so we found out why few people go there.a normal ticket that would cost you RM12,cost double.haha.safe to say,we went straight back to midvalley and bought our RM12 tickets for Valentine's Day.which was paid by Billi!!thanx dude.hehe.

had lunch at pizza hut.the new pizza tasted like spaghetti,yumm but the crust was hard to cut with the knife.we also saw this play that was being held at the centre court.

Alice in Wonderland!
it was cool.too bad it wasn't the REAL johnny depp.haha~see the pictures?i looooooove those!
can't wait till i meet you guys for our next movie date!
lots and lots of love,

Friday, March 12, 2010

i feel happy

okay so,tomorrow is my second date with miki.i miss her terribly!i cannot wait for tomorrow!

one more assignment to go.then we're done.and final exam papers.time flies by so fast,thou i felt like i was dragging my feet along.time feels so slow yet it comes so fast,blink and then you'll miss it.

what was that?haha.rants from the useless girl.

cop!this was suppose to be a cheerful post la teng~

pardon my emo-ness.its somewhat a habit now.haha.

so,yeah..really can't wait to see miki tomorrow.and did i mention,BILI was coming along?haha.
that little elf (hahaha) is goin to take pictures for us.yeaaah.

excited excited excited!


Thursday, March 11, 2010

someday somehow

i wanna be somebody someday.not just anybody,but somebody.

mood swings alert!

i just watched the time traveler's wife.totally cried.and yes,i'm not ashamed of that.it's a movie worth crying for.and..daanggggg..that eric bana is one smoking hot dude!sigh~

me and hot men ~ inseparable.i like!haha

watching love movies makes me wish i had my own love life.but just sometimes laa.
most of the time,i'm happy being single.for now,i can truly say i really am happy being alone.at the moment.

my sister just got her spm results.she called me.crying~

i'm guessing you know why she cried?yeah.it wasn't good.poor her.can't really blame her for that.but actually,i still think,if only she...hmm~nevermind laa.it's too late for all this talk now. what's done is done.no turning back.(if only i could time travel.haha)

her crying over the phone made me realize something.what if someday,i was in her shoes? argh.with my current situation,i really don't know if i'll be able to make my parents happy..and proud~i am seriously doubting myself.and my abilities.

please God..make me a journalist?a successful one?thats the least i can do.

i know.they probably wanted me to be a doctor,lawyer,engineer or at least even a teacher.they deny it,but i know.deep down,that's what they would've wanted me to be.

sorry mumy.sorry dady.i'm a useless daughter.i really am.

sometimes i wish i wasn't the first.if i were the 2nd daughter,i would've had someone to look up too.i would've known what to do and what not to.instead,i'm the one having to set up an example for my siblings.and i'm a very awfull role model for them.if only i had a choice.

maybe.i'm responsible for her failure?i think i'm somewhat,the one to blame.growing up,i was never a good sister to them.not even decent.regrets~it's too late now teng.the damage has been done.

maybe.she has something else planned for her,by God.maybe.i hardly say this,actually never, but i love them.and all i want for them is to be happy and successful with their lives.and not follow in my footsteps.don't.

the useless one in the family.

Monday, March 8, 2010


should i go black?as in..gothic.emo.i-love-the-dead kinda things?

wonder why i'm being soo,emotional this few days.i'm moody like the weather.i just need a dash of sunshine in my life.is that too much to ask for?

why teng why.

thats a question i've been asking myself a lot lately.why~

i'm so,typical.so normal.so predictable.so so so so!!

argh.why are you not satisfied with your life?blessed with soo many things,yet still ungrateful.
i'm ashamed of me.really am.but i can't help it.i really can't.

i'm tired.of this emotional roller coaster that i'm on.when will it stop~

stop being this way teng.you don't even know the reason why your being this way.just stop.

don't worry,i'm not suicidal.

me being me.

i feel soo..lost right now.

i hate thinking about my future but i know i have to.but i don't want to.i wanna live in a world where everything goes my way.impossible~

but then,i'll be complaining about not having challenges and dramas in my life.can't have it both ways teng.

currently watching down with love.jerry yan is always so charming.i mean,he's not as hot as seungri or whoever,but he is sweet.and i like that about him.he acts all macho and stuff when actually he's really soft and kindhearted.fantasies~

i'll never grow out of this walls i've created am i?

living in my own little world.ignorant of reality.thats me being me.

i hate reality.reality hurts.but why am i saying this.i'm living a much better life compared to soo many other people around the world.

people~never appreciating what they have until its gone.and i'm not proud to say,i'm one of those people.but i do wanna change,i just,don't have the motivation,strong enough to make me wanna start changing.

why teng why.just do it.hmmmm~

i just..need my mum so badly right now.when she's around,everything feels okay.now i say this,but when i do have her around,i neglect her.people~

i'm a walking corpse.and breathing.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


vampires?i love them.

Ju-On ghosts?ergh.please la,not scary at all.

haunted mansions?haaaaaaaaa..what a joy ride.

but zombies?gimme that damn shotgun cuz i need protection. i hate watching zombie movies since compared to other scary things, people turning into flesh eating zombies has the highest chance of really,trully happening in reality.
in a world like today, anything can happen.some random virus could mutate and turn a regular cough into a virus that turns people into zombies!gasp~

my worst possible nightmare.

i mean, leave me in a room full of uneasy souls.i don't care!i'd rather have that than live in a world where the living dead roams around.scary!

why the hell am i suddenly posting this instead of finishing my assignment?
cuz i feel like the living dead.

lifeless.soulless.a walking corpse.and a curvy one too.i really need some sort of reason in my life right now.and studying for my future alone is not enough.i need some kind of,i don't know.

more assignments?shoot me.

ergh.i'm soo wrong.i'm soo..like a zombie.thank God i don't eat humans.at least,not yet.


Monday, March 1, 2010

busy bee.

i'm back to being the normal me.yipee~

this week can only be described in one word.HECTIC.its the final week for classes before we go on our study week.and then exams.thank God i only have 2 papers this semester.

back to this week.ergh.tomorrow we have this recording for our group assignment.talents~my girls alin and asya.free,haha.belanja makan al-farouk ja pun ok kan kalau member2?hehe.

and then,media society.group assignments.i soo don't have the mood to finish this assignment.but *sigh* of course i have to.

right at this moment,i'm in the middle of typing it.(sempat lagi update blog ni,multitasker*wahaha)

i'm just happy to report,i'm less stalker-ish and moving on smoothly with my life.yeah me!