Wednesday, September 28, 2011


This is me when Without Boundaries ended: Y________Y

This is me when Field Trip USA Yr.2 started: ^_________^

A girl is a girl. Don't blame me for moving on in the speed of light.

But gotta say, I got happy real quick because Henry(deliciouslyummbaby) Golding will be back November 6!

This is me when I read Henry's tweet: Hallelujah!!

Aaaaah. Life feels so good when seeing it through these quirky adorkable boys. Henry can be my boy while Qi can be my pet. Adorable!

Generation Y? Not so much.

Experienced a jakun moment when I made a change to my blog and couldn't find the sign in button when all I had to do was go to blogger's main page.Die*

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Carpe Diem

Everyone knows my favorite subject has been and will always be English. But, I have a lover.

I hated the way History was taught in school. So boring and uninteresting! But, the subject itself, I heart a lot. History is something that intrigues me, and always after a certain history show on tv, my curiosity overcomes my senses.

I wish my other favorite subject was Chemistry and Physics, because then maybe I could have built a time machine to go back in time and witness history unfold with my own two eyes.

Which leads to my story.

Why this topic all of a sudden? Simple. I am now tutoring History for SPM. I know I only got B3, but hey, that's good enough? I hope.

And, now the only free time I have is on Wednesday and the weekends. No time for another part time job. Sucks!

I need to make more money, but when time is not on your side, just wait for it to be over. Haaa. Tried to make a joke there but even I didn't laugh. Lame.

Anyways, wish me luck. I'll be needing lots of it.

Saturday, September 17, 2011



Bright lights ahead? Not really. But things ain't as cloudy as it was a few days ago.

Thank you Lord.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

My Dad, My Hero.

I have never truly understood the meaning behind that title. I have now.

Its a little too late for me to realize this now, but my dad truly is my hero.

He may not shoot laser beam from his eyes, he obviously can't lift a car with his bare hand, and he never wear his underwear outside his pants (Thank God!), but for me, he is everything that I want in a man.

No, he is not perfect. His major flaw is alcohol, but other than that, he is what I call the complete package.

I'm sorry for not treating you well all these years dad, I went through a decade long phase called teenage life. I will treat you better from now on though. For a hero deserves at least that. Being treated well.

My rock hard exterior is only a cover for my marshmallow heart, so as much as I want to tell him all these thoughts in person, I can't because he won't understand a thing I'm saying through the sobs and the choked up tears.

He is going through a rough life currently, and it kills me for being helpless. There's nothing I'm able to do to help ease the pain. I feel so guilty for being useless.

I feel so blessed to have a father like you dad. All your flaws and great qualities are what made me the independent girl that I am today. I just realized this as I am typing it, but it was you who shaped me to become who I am now. And for that, I thank you.

I hope you pull through victoriously from the troubles you're facing. We need you for a much longer time. You won't let me walk down the aisle alone will you?

Dad, be strong. I may not say this very often, but I feel it all the time. I love you so much. All I want is for you to be healthy and happy.

A hero is a symbol of hope. So, my symbol of hope is you dad.

Again, I love you.

From the bottom of my heart,
Staceylin Patrick.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Less is more.

Past few days I have been changing up my blog layouts and design. Finally made up my mind and decided to use this one.


I guess that comes with age. I'm too old for fancy smancy templates. For me, less is more.

Yah Yah. Snooze fest anyone?

Hey, as long as my posts delivers what comes from my heart, its all good. *euwdidIreallysaidthat


Monday, September 12, 2011

a sky full of lighters.

Trust me. This post has got nothing to do with a sky full of lighters. So why use that as the title? Just cause the song is currently playing on MTV. Iknowright? I am so cool because I watch MTV. *rolls eye

ANYWAYS, let's get on with my precious life shall we? We shall.

Wasted precious oil driving to college when they could(SHOULD) have told us before semester break that we just need to register online.

I know you guys are SO systematic compared to other private colleges and IPTAs. *sneer

Anyways, awesome customer service aside, got my results. *cue hand claps and pat on my back. I did good. For now. No NC. Yet. Fingers crossed I won't anytime soon.

It's so pretty to look at when your result consists of A's and B's. Now why was I not able to achieve such results back in high school? It's a mystery I cannot answer.

Raising my orange mug up to toast to the new semester ahead. Here's to hoping I won't procrastinate when it comes to assignments. No more glitch with my class schedules and hope that my part time tutoring won't get in the way.

Oh and, PLEASE God, where ever You are, I know You're busy hearing prayers from hungry and sick people, but hear me out here. PLEASE let me get in the same group with pretty flower boy again. smiles and drools.

*wipes drool.

Wohoo! School is here. YAY? Yeah!

Saturday, September 10, 2011


I am bored. World, beware.

Seriously, I may have the most boring social life for a 20 year old, ever. The weekend is supposed to be the best days of the week right? Nope. Not really.

BUT, I do have the best (imaginary) boyfriend(s) ever. and thank the Heaven's God for the invention of Youtube:)

Suddenly, I'm not bored anymore. Boys, beware.

Here I go again.

New semester starts next week. For almost everyone. No more waking up late and getting nagged around by your momma.

So far, so good. For me at least. Fingers crossed for this semester.

Going off course now.

I think I am finally feeling the itch of single life. Hey, don't blame me. It's been what, 3 years? That is a long long time. In dog year.

I think it's about time for boyfriend season,no?

I'm not desperate or anything. Just feels like the second a boy comes up and shows signs of liking me, I am gonna pounce on him. So, nope. Not desperate at all.

Ah, story of my life. Steven Spielberg should direct a movie based on my spoiled life. *oh please sense the sarcasm~

Sunday, September 4, 2011


Announcing to the world, that I recently got a hair cut. and a perm. BEST spontaneous spur-of-the-moment kind of decision I have ever made! Long hair is so last season. Short haired girls have more fun, no? YES!