Wednesday, February 16, 2011

screw unbelievers!

i have what it takes!

so what if i'm not following the path that is supposedly made for me?people can bitch around and gossip all they want about that teacher's daughter that didn't do as expected, but someday when i make it big i will turn my back and say 'wait,what?i'm sorry, i din't hear you, since i was busy having a life while you guys bitch around'. and complete it with a smiley face. :)

so keep on hating cause later on,karma will bite a huge chunk of meat out from your ass. and i'll for sure be there to get it on film. aaand now the smiley face. :)


when i say i will, i WILL.


remember that Andrew Garfield movie that i said i need to get my hands on? well i got my hands on it alright.

and hell yeah it didn't disappoint! what a truly beautiful movie, really touching and....wait..bla bla bla who am i kidding. let's just cut to the main point, Andrew was seriously cute in it!sigh~

one more thing,

isn't it weird, sometimes when you really really desperately want something and you look everywhere for it,it doesn't show up,but when you forget and let it go, out of nowhere it shows up?

i hope that also applies to my love life.ngeh~

Thursday, February 10, 2011

A Case of Stolen Identity

well i was used alright. but not by me.

somewhere out there, some jackass moron is wondering why his/her broadband that he/she bought using MY IC is not working. well boo hoo hoo for you cause i terminated that account!

what a dick head.

took me a while to realize that my identity was stolen. Thank You Lord for making me realize that before it was too late. but still, i can't help but think it's kinda cool. kinda, since i've seen things like this happen in the movies only. yeesh.

but in a funny way, as unlucky as i was, yesterday i felt like i was kinda somewhat lucky, cause that celcom guy was totally HOT. while he was explaining things to me, I kept chanting in my head "SERIOUSLY HOT,SERIOUSLY HOT,SERIOUSLY HOT....".

yes i did. seriously. a bit sidetracked there. so, the case is still investigated and i really hope this doesn't happen again to me in the future. lucky it was only some broadband, and not a 500,000$ loan or something like that.

and is it wrong for feeling awesome after making my first police report?seriously felt like i was in Gerak Khas or something. LOL.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

geez why not.

i'm feeling a bit..unused.

not by other people, but by me. i'm not using myself to fulfill it's maximum potential. but hey, at least i think i'm taking baby steps.

currently sticking to my motto of the year. Why not?

i apply that question to every single dilemma that i have to face. sometimes its a bit risky, but hey, why the hell not?

i'm thinking of learning voodoo magic, why not? see,risky.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

apple of my eyes

kakak ontong seriously missing you baby!

updates(for those who care)

a lot of things happened since my last post.

bad and good, sad and happy.


i don't want to post something emo-ish but, i just can't help myself.

gaah~sentimental much girl.

the happy news is that my family will get another addition. fingers crossed! come this April, a new baby for my uncle and aunty!yay:)

the sad news, celebrated (if i may use that word) my late aki purutan's 100th day of passing away. sobs.

aaand, obsessing over two more kdramas. had to say that.

hurmm,let's see. what else.....

oo yeah. STILL not ALLOWED to drive my car in the city. why? for reasons i think that are absurd, but to tell the truth, i have always been the passenger kinda girl. I like driving but i'd rather sit and let someone else worry about directions and speed limits.

aaand, there will be 2 weddings this year. my sister's and my uncle's. the latter comes first. and i REFUSED to be the bridesmaid for both. tried it once, and really didn't like being one.

i just want to be the bride.:)

so i guess i've covered up almost everything that happened in between.till then, adios amigos.

btw,i love you TOP.