Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Life is indeed a wheel.

New semester, new event, new headache, new drama. But no new clothes. Danggit life! Y U like wheel? One day I'm up there, today I'm waaaaaaaay down here.

So this semester I'm program director again for a charity event. Yeah, its for a good cause and all, but the stress?? The protocols?? Jeeez man. Makes me wish I wasn't someone people look to when ever they need work to be done.

Ok. So in the beginning what I had in mind was just something small and simple, just to spend time helping kids at the shelter. Then my lecturer went and made it some big charity event on a large scale. Don't get me wrong. Her intentions were great, to make us work even harder.


The lazy bum in me is crying tears of blood.

All that's keeping me going now are the weekends. I go running back home to Tambunan and spend hours upon hours sleeping in my comfy bed, never wanting to get up. Oh and Ojakgyo Brothers. But even THAT show's going to be over. 2 episodes left!:(

So now, I'm scrambling around looking for replacement drugs. I'm fast running out of cracks! Dunno what will I do next to release all the tension in mu head before we have scrambled brain. All I can do now is, wish it was 22nd of April already. Btw, its a day after the charity event.

Oh Hunger Games come fast!