Sunday, December 26, 2010

oh hell yeah!

finally i can wear sunglasses! (in my case, tinted specs, keke)
thanks mom and dad!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

pampered brat!

i love going to salons! especially an old-school salon that i have been going to even before i was born. hah!

so it's almost Christmas, more than enough reason to get my hair retouched :) aaaah i love makeovers!

so i'm letting the pictures do all the talking, ciao bella!

BTW, yes that's a skirt i'm wearing, and it's vintage even, got it from my mama.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

i feel them slipping through my fingers.

you know when we were younger when we think "this relationship is going to last a lifetime and never change". yeah, i had one of those too.

well, guess what? no relationship last. some inevitably got to end, while some try to continue, losing the sparks it use to have and some just basically change and doesn't feel the way it use to feel anymore.

it's sad to admit that. but one or more relationships in my life are starting to feel that way. i don't know if its just me being overly sensitive (which i am) and sentimental (i always am), but i can feel them slipping through my fingers.

hey, what can i say, i'm the kind of girl that needs reassurance and needs to be told 'i love you' every single day. thou i can never promise i would show the vulnerable side of me to everyone by doing the same (hehe) cause i'm much too macho.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

beautifully eerie

from the trailer and movie reviews i read, this one will for sure blow my mind away. it's a love story plus science fiction plus beautiful cinematography, everything i love in a movie.

plus one thing i love most, cute guys!

so, i'm gonna search high and low for the dvd, i don't care what it takes, i will get my chubby hands on you!

Andrew Garfield

i love you!

so, latest obsession dude, meet Mr. Andrew Garfield.

as you can see, mucho hotness!

saw him on the social network, but i already knew of him from way back. he's the new mr. spidey btw!

also there's this movie "never let me go" where he acted alongside carey mulligan (cute!) and keira knightley (hot!) and i just have have have to watch it!

it's illegal to be this hot Mr. Garfield!:)

owh and did i tell you he's BFF with Robert Pattinson? talk about getting a package deal, woot woot!

Monday, December 13, 2010

tis the season to be....


whatever suits you.

me? i'll go with Switzerland, neutral i mean. There's too much going on with my life currently and i don't know what to feel, or even think.

i love Christmas. but i miss the sweet innocence of my childhood where calendars are crossed each day, counting down till the 25th. being grown up is not as fun as i imagined it would be.

my oh my, it has been a year. and my oh my, so much has changed in this short year.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

still,i'm no spoiled brat!

yes yes yes!

i will be getting a car.

best Christmas gift ever from my parents.:)