Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Reflection Entry One

How do you feel about love?

Love is an exciting emotion. It is an emotion not only felt by us human, but also by all creature, living and breathing air. Of course, the word love can be define in many ways. Every single person has a different opinion about love. Some cherish it, some hate it. But one thing for sure is, no one can avoid feeling it.

How do I feel about love? I feel blessed to be able to feel this emotion. I look around me, and I can see all the love that I am getting from my family and friends. I hope they are also able to sense the love that I feel for them. Love is available for everyone, and everyone deserves to be loved.

A world without love, is a world not worth living. Love is like that one secret spice in that dish that you love so much, that makes the dish so wonderfully good. Without love, that dish will never taste the same. It will taste bland even. Safe to say, it is a must have ingredient in every dish.

Love is an emotion that can easily make or break your day. Getting a good morning wish from that special someone every time you wake up always get's you going through the day with a smile plastered on your face. Wake up to a fight with that special someone, and your day becomes a miserable one.

So, love to me is an emotion that get's me going through life. It fuels me every time I am down. It makes me feel comfort every time I feel sad. It makes me feel needed when I feel like an outcast. Ask me again, how do I feel about love? I love it.


turns out i will be using my blog as my reflection entry assignment after all. had no time to make a new one.

so, if somehow my posts become so formal and serious, its because i'm doing an assignment.

to infinity and beyond!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

parting is always sad.

i would like to dedicate this post to my lovely friend in Seremban, Syah.

Sadly, her mom passed away.

I haven't been able to keep in touch often with her ever since i got back to sabah, but i know at times like these, she's gonna need all the love and support she can get. i never did met her mom in person, but from the phone calls she had with her that i saw, i can tell that she was a loving and caring mom.

There's a lot that i can say to her but i know none of them will make the pain go away. The only thing that can heal pain is time. However long it might take.

God, i can't imagine losing my mom. Be strong Syah!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

pit a pat.

Finally kicked my own ass and got myself a part time job. Make that two actually.

and i gotta say, i'm feeling really proud of myself. chewah, baru sikit. I'm tutoring English for UPSR and PMR students every tuesday and thursday night while on weekends, friday to sunday, i'm a waitress at Hoho Bento. it's sort of a Japanese food restaurant. i still hate sushi by the way.

my week has become one helluva week. paging Mr. RedBull.

i just hope i'm gonna have enough time to settle all my assignments and study. ouh and i'm also in the middle of publishing a newsletter for my college. Sounds fun on paper, but trust me, i know nothing of how to publish a newsletter and it is actually really tiring to think of ideas at the same time thinking about the deadline.

if only this was a long semester!

now i know how short a 24 hours-day can be.