Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Dear Roomate,

We met back in July, on the very first day i entered hostel at my new college. We weren't very close, but every time we met,it was always pleasant.

I just found out that you passed away. Such a young age. What a waste. and we don't even have pictures together.

Cause I thought we had time.

There's nothing else i can say, words fail to describe what I'm feeling right now at this moment.

Rest in peace Ana.

Monday, January 17, 2011

simply love this!

turning 20 this year, meaning 5 more years before i get married (yes, i am aware with the fact that i still don't know who i will marry). so i'm starting to gather pictures of dresses i love.

it's the most important thing for a bride!

and this one in particular, worn by Olivie Wilde at the Golden Globes btw, is simply gorgeous!

owh Mr.Future Husband, you better be freaking rich.

Sunday, January 16, 2011


alright, lets get down to business.

not-yet-confirmed Big Bang concert aside, i have decided to add a few more things to my very short list of things to-do for 2011.

invisible drum rolls please,

i decided that this year i will take the MUET paper. i need it for mi futura. and it doesn't end there.

my dear cousin who works part time at the tuition center that i'm going to attend said that, upon completing my course there, i can apply to be a part-time tutor.


i love it when a plan comes together.*lights my cigar

quote of the day:-

Fall in love when you're ready, not because you're lonely.

the triple threat!

i adore this dorky dude. i really do.

and i don't care what people (who thinks they're so cool,pffft) say about kpop. it's a fun and colorful genre.

yeah i admit, some of them are too much cheese, but if you know where to look, quite possibly you will bump into cool ones like this dorky pie.

<--i heart you btw.

and most of the time i like to think those people are just jealous. oh yeah, stomp your feet and deny all you want, secretly you agree with me. :)

and let's face it,

my choice of coffee may not be your cup of tea.

nomu appa

it hurts to dream high and then rudely get a slap in the face by reality. it really really hurts!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

deep breaths.

now, die!

it's all about the gene.

i think she's hot. very hot. and that dress? i just wanna rip
it from her, but carefully. don't wanna destroy it now don't we?


last i check, its awards season back in the States.

but here, its pilot season for new dramas. they keep popping up like mushrooms that grow on cow poop.


take a chill pill and go hang yourself or jump from the highest building you can find. i know thats nasty, but if it means us living in peace and drama-free (for a while,can't live with can't live without), please do so,it'll be our pleasure.:)

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


who doesn't suffer from this disease?

in a modern world like ours, with things like Facebook and Blogger *ahem*, it's hard to avoid this sickness.

but don't see it as a bad thing. cause everyone who is anyone is definitely a narcissist. it's just a matter of how minimal or how maximized your case is.

don't want to believe the facts?

believe it. see me, my blog is mostly about me and my family and hot men. so basically, every post is about me :)

yes i confess. i am a narcissist.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

i need no obvious reason for posting this.

Please do :)

yeah, Why Not?

Thanks R.Patz, this will be a question that'll be very much useful for me this year.


i miss this sumandak so dang much!

sure sure, running around jumping and shouting mamamaitie (aramaitie erna's version) and going 'atash' every 5mins can be very very draining, but it's fun being bossed around by a 3 year old toddler.

i can still hear her calling (or shouting) for her 'shushu'. aww, i miss you baby erna! gonna meet you soon ok.

love love from kakak otong.

one week.

semester holidays. one week.

does anyone else see something wrong with that?

i do.

that is so wrong. one week cannot be considered a semester break ! i need more than a week to sit around, become a bum at home and camping in front of the tv. i do so!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

one for the bitch.

and that's the only cursing i'm gonna do on this post.

never blog while having an angry heart. it's just gonna fuel the F-word fest. and so i thank you stupid uneven line of *bleep* broadband. i'm not gonna name any brands here (hint:its blue).

but still, it's kinda sad you people didn't get to read my masterpiece. it had a lot of F-word.*sigh