Sunday, July 25, 2010

startin over

with my life.

new college,new housemates,new friends,new lecturers.

but still keeping the old ones closer than ever!

this won't be my last night at home,aaah.the beauty of studying close to home.i totally love it.not sure i would've love it a few years back,but since i have had the experience of going away,i've totally learned to appreciate what i've got at home.

so tomorrow,Kota Kinabalu!

xoxo loves.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

oh crap~


crap crap crap crap.

apparently,google chrome became the death of my blog being unknown from my sisters.and now YOU (witch sisters) know about what?!

ergh.but i can't help but feel blog is,not pure anymore!this means,i can't talk shit about them very openly from now on.but i'm still not gonna sing praises for ya'll. (i know you guys are reading this:P)

so,to hell with this.i will survive!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


i dunno what to call this post.

i'm just freakin EXCITED!

turns out,i'm startin my studies at cosmo next week on monday!and i'll be livin in a hostel close to 1Borneo.yehaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

i think,in a way,studyin in kL kinda helped me prepare for this one a i'd like to think i'm more mature and less shy about meeting new people.

although, mumy still think i'm childish because of all the pranks i like to pull on my siblings.the farting-in-your-face prank never gets old.haha!

but back to my squeeling.yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

i'm restarting my studies!

but most of my stuff are still in KL.especially my Mr.Acer!huhu,but hey,i'll survive.i think.

yeaaaah.i've got lots of uncle's and aunt's living there.hehe.buli pau!!

gosh,still super excited,i can't even think of the right words right now.will update more later peeps.

love love love all of you!


3 accidents = i suck at driving.

o hell yeah.

lets see, 1st one,a minor fender bender in which i managed to leave my mark on our swanky naza car.sorry for the heart attack mumy.

2nd one, i managed to hit a parked car at the hospital, broke the rear lights and mumy had to pay rm100 as my sogit (and the owner had some seriously cool tattoos eventhou he was the MA.)

and the 3rd one happened a day after my 2nd accident. i reversed the car and hit a house. A HOUSE. well technically its a kedai jahit which belongs to my aunt.but who cares what its called when all i know is, i hit a building. which resulted in a major bingkuk on the storm's bumper.and the bumper is made of steel.STEEL.

somehow my myvi is slipping further and further away from my grasp. my parents are for sure rethinking their decision of buying me a car.and to be honest,i would agree with them wholeheartedly.

i don't wanna hurt anyone with my driving skills.end of story.

i need a personal driver.


Monday, July 12, 2010

sleepless nights~

ever since coming home,since i'm used to stayin up late when i was back in kL, i've been the only one still not sleeping at this time.o well,at least i have some privacy updating my beloved blog!

so tonight i'm just gonna rant.i need to!

you see,my kinda my puppet master for the past few weeks.why?she has given me the hope of getting my own car!but with that comes....a lot of compromising.


i've got to do whatever she wants me to do for her (i.e:cabut rambut putih until i go blind!).

make coffee for her (and dad,he's taking advantage of me during my weakest time!and i can tell he's really enjoying it,grr)

help her with her students.(i'm kinda ok with this one thou)

and etc etc.

she also has a new nickname for me : MyVi <---this is the car i'm getting.

but i know my limits,since they're buying it for me,i asked for a 2ndhand car.i know, i'm a saint *puke*.

but really,i never asked for a car,i don't wanna be called a spoiled brat.(thou i am,sometimes.hee~)

but they offered me an irresistable offer.stay in sabah for my studies and get a car or go back to kL with no car.

i guess we all know why i decided to stay now huh.haha.well the car was ONE of the major influencing factor in me deciding to stay.

if they DO buy me a car,oo gosh,i really dunno when or how i'm gonna pay em back.*sigh

anyways,its gonna be a while before it comes true.when it does,i assure you,the whole world will know.haha!

xoxo loves.

Sunday, July 11, 2010


currently in pain~physically and mentally.

i know i know *rolling eyes* i'm exaggerating a bit.but i really AM in PAIN!

The Twilight Saga:Eclipse has been in the cinema for a few days now,and i'm dying!cuz i need to watch it asap.i've been re-reading all the books over and over and over again which makes the pain even worse!

but currently,i'm trying to watch it online *gasp*.but its reaaaally reaaaally slow and the quality is, lets be honest here,the quality sucks.i just need to watch it NOW!

so,while waiting for the movie to finish loading,i'm updating my page.

the movie starts with Riley?he's kinda cute.

will update again soon.


Friday, July 9, 2010

i'm baaack sistas!and monkey boy.

doin wat needs to be done at the moment.taking back what's mine!haha

i need my wardrobe back,my own bed,my pillow(my sister stole it and innocently claimed it's hers),and in short,claiming back my reign as vice queen of the house (mumy's the Queen,Her Majesty,dady's the Joker,haha).

so,house cleaning!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

funny one

i'm having mixed feelings. everything thats been goin on in my life takes a long time for me to process and absorb.wanna know a story?its one of many factors that made me decide i wanted to stay.

first of all- hahahahaha - this was kinda embarassing for me.

get this. it was late evening and my bud jurul asked to meet up. he wanted to talk about our so called trip to the town (didn't happen btw). so there we were, me,cissy,jurul and jiri. chatting at hasnah (sort of the place we call our lepak spot,ever since high school) and then we got talking about college and stuff.

there was a line jiri said that really hit the soft spot.hahaha.not in a bad or good way.its 50-50.

"siapa de mau sambung blajar jauh2 kalau baru diploma"


me and jurul,of course terasa!!hahahaah

but no hard feelings,if any,it just made me realise the pros of studying at in a way,what jiri said kinda helped me.haha.thanx dude.


catching up~

Got a lot of cathing up to do with you guys.hee~

can't believe i've been mia from my blog for a month! Well,like i said,i'm at home. trying to start over with my life.and ever since my last post, A LOT of things has happened.

so brace yourself cuz this is goin to be a very long post.haha.

so,first thing first.--> Taylor's College.

i know i've been gushing about goin there ever since i went there,but at last,it's not happening. I really wanted to go there but after i came home,it got me thinking. Yeah,there's no doubt its a great school and all,but still its sooooooo expensive.and after all thats happened with my last college and all the money i wasted,i didn't want to burden my parents anymore.huhu.

feeling guilty!

so i decided,i'm staying home then.and my parents totally backed me up with this decision. when i saw how they reacted when i told them i wanted to stay,i know it was the right decision.

still, i'm gonna miss Kuala Lumpur (so cheezy), the amazing group of friends i made, pasar malam that starts reaaally late at night,MIDVALLEY<--huhu,goodbye my love,easy access to movies and bowling;( and a whole lotta thing.

but hey, nothing beats being at home with you loved ones.and i'm savouring every single moments.the good,the bad,the awkward.haha

so moving on~

I turned 19!

my birthday was on the 24th of june.and i had a blast.didn't get to spend a lot of time with my friends thou.they came late!but i don't blame em,cuz they got me amazing gifts,haha.i loove my whinning chicken.and they said it looks just like me.damn you people.haha.but anyways,thanks to everyone for making my birthday wonderful.muahmuah!

and, drum roll please.

my sister is getting engaged to her boyfriend.i know.gasp~

my sister that's not even 18 yet.huhu. but who am i to complaint.its her life.all i can do is be there for her.and i want my one set of white gold accessories because you langkah my bendul lil sista!

they've decided 14th august will be the they she gets engaged.sobs.she's gonna be someone's fiance'!time flies by so quick. let me check.taylor's-done.birthday-done.sister-done.what else?owh yeaaaaah.

my top 3 for world cup (south Korea,Brazil and Portugal) totally failed me.urrrrrrrgh. now the netherlands are in the either germany or spain will meet them. my brain says go for germany but my heart says, i mean Spain.we'll see la.i'm not a fanatic anyways.i won't commit suicide if my team loses (rest in peace dude).

so i guess,this covers everything for now. if anything else pops up, i'll be sure to let ya'll know.

hugs and kisses to everyone who still reads my blog.