Friday, November 26, 2010

i'm just a girl

who gets giddy at the sight of a hot new hottie at college, would die from starvation just to buy that one perfect bag at megalong (signed,sealed,bought!) and loves loves loves new clothes.


ouh and currently obsessed with light blue jeans color. not the jeans, but the rocks my world!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

my world and i

due the the current events happening in my real life, i have been actively participating in my made up life of perfect fantasy.

and it includes day dreaming about lee seunggi and living in a scooby doo movie. that dog have all the luck.

finished watching my girlfriend is a gumiho (@ rm15.90 for the whole series!can i get a woot woot!) which made me love seunggi-sshi even moooore.and shin min-ah is totally gorgeous btw.*jealous*

movie marathon with garfield, cat in the hat and scoobert@scooby doo. and scott pilgrim is an awesome movie.gonna watch charlie next, after i attend business class*sigh*.can't wait!

owh and also studying and making assignments*cough*.

call me a multi-tasker.tee-hee;)

current song;

LIKE A G6 by Far East Movement!

owh and,

Fox rain by Lee Sun Hee;)

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

girl i miss you!


harry potter and breaking dawn won't feel the same without you watching it.

and i'm praying hard you will get through your last semester with flying colors;)

why bother

please explain why.please please?

why is it so easy for you to go back on your words?it hurts a gazillion tons and at times i just can't take it i almost consider suicide (forgive me Lord!) but you seem like you don't care even one tiny bit.


but i know you won't answer because you're ignorant.always have been.and so i will go numb.

i choose to go numb.cause then i won't feel the pain any longer.

so don't blame me for making my heart icy made me that way.

i wish

that i could live in a picture perfect world of happiness.

but blimey, wishes are as logical as unicorns and flying fairies.

seriously, five year olds have the best life ever.

baby i love you!

i need fireworks!

katy perry please ignite my spark like a.s.a.p!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

I died,went to heaven and begged God to let me live again so i can watch the movie next year.

isle esme!

so,in anticipation of the first part of the last installment of the Harry Potter movie, i recently watched Order of The Phoenix and Half Blood Prince (and boy do i still cry my ass off every time i see Dumbledore fall from that tower and die,*sobs*) again.

one thing kinda bothered me.

why is it that everything i read from Harry Potter seems to be transformed visually just like how i imagined it would be whereas with Twilight they just...don't?

i really really hope Breaking Dawn won't disappoint.

just saw pictures from the Breaking dawn set in Brazil, and gotta say, Isle Esme is perfect!

and that honeymoon scene better follow every single word from the book.


not expiring any time soon.


so i'm going to type about something thats totally unrelated to those words. what makes a person holy in the eyes of the Lord?

being actively active with church activities?

i know a few people who are,and also very active in the opposite of church activities.*winks*

i go to church only on Sunday, and its countable,so what am i through the eyes of God? believe me, i pray.hard.

before eating,before sleeping and even before crapping i that enough?

i guess one will only know if all those are enough in the end when the time comes for us to say goodbye to this world.

but just so You know, i may not be active with church activities, but my faith in You will always be activated.

yes YOU,my one true love!