Saturday, December 31, 2011

Have a Happy New Year!

Okay so its been a year (?) already, gosh time flies by super fast! 2011 has been a year I will cherish, since its the first year where I finally made my new years resolution come true! MUET anyone? LOL.

So, 2012? I really don't know what to expect. I've given up having hopes, wishing for the stars, a very long time ago. So, I'll just take what God will be giving me. Hopefully, all the good stuff.

Oh! New niece/nephew will be coming! Aunty Enteng can't wait to meet you sayang!

2012, here we go!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

A new Family Tradition.

Okay. So I'm a bit rusty. Been off from blogging for a while now. Super duper busy with the event and so on. BUT, the moment I was free to go home, I was so ready for Christmas!

Christmas was hectic thou. Open house and whatnot. BUT, it was a good one. This year was a good one.

Sooooo, off to rant about my latest post. We had our very first cousins trip to Ranau! It was so so fun, we're thinking of making it an annual thing :)

Lapar yau! Penat begambar:)

Thank you camera timer!


Everyone rocks!

Thank you for the memorable trip brothas and sisthas! It was so much fun, I didn't wanna go home.:P


Friday, December 2, 2011

I say Fark when I want to.

I knew keeping feelings bottled up inside would someday eat my insides. Just thought I could've handled it graciously.

But hell no.

I just feel like blurting out fucking fuck fuck hell anytime anywhere.

Problems keep coming at me left and right, just when I'm having the busiest time of my life. Okay. I either need a HUMAN punching bag or a really huge mountain I can climb so I can SCREAM my freaking lungs out!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

My Kind of Drug.

Okay. Next year can come now. As in, NOW! I kid you not.

After over a year of waiting for Breaking Dawn Part 1, now I have to wait another year for Part 2. Argh! The waiting is so painful it physically hurts.

Part 1 was by far the best movie.

The script was closer to the book, Bella and Edward looked more in love than ever, the cinematography was by far the prettiest out of all the films, and Jacob showed his abs like every 5 mins. I'm kidding. But he did show his abs within 5 mins after the movie started. And THE WEDDING DRESS was absofuckinglutely gorgeous!


And I am definitely so going to watch it more than once. DVD please be released fast! Preferably with audio commentary from Rob and Kristen by the way.

Ergh. Now back to reality. I wish I had the kind of super power that would let me insert myself into the movie I love. To hell with real life! Oh and Team Edward forever:)

Thursday, November 3, 2011


Oh Hells Yeah People! The time has come for me to dig out my inner fangirl! Counting the days to be reunited with my favorite vampire family and that one lucky girl I wish was me. Time to go to vocal lesson class to practice my high pitch screaming.

Yes Robbie dear. Prepare your self for another round of screaming fangirls.

Yours truly,
Team Edward for Eternity!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

5th Vocabulary Entry

Exposition - Takes place at the beginning of the story. The setting, characters and background information are discussed.

# The movie Twilight opens with a narration from the heroin, Bella. She has just moved to the small town of Forks to live with her father since her mother re-married. At first things felt really awkward, and she really hated the damp and cold weather.

Rising Action - The author discusses the conflict or problem and the characters attempt to solve the problem.

# At her new high school, Bella meets a few new friends. She also meets the Cullen family, a mysterious group of siblings studying at the school. Through a series of event, Bella fell in love with Edward Cullen, and discovers that he and the rest of his family are vampires. But Bella doesn't care. Edward brings Bella to meet with his family and they play a round of baseball.

Climax - The problem or conflict is at its worst and the characters begin to solve the problem.

# Bella is kidnapped by an evil vampire who likes to play games, James. Edward came just in time to rescue Bella. A fight scene happens between Edward and James.

Falling Action - The characters begin to solve the problem.

# Edward managed to kill James. Injured Bella is then taken to the hospital for treatment.

Resolution - The conflict comes to an end, or the problem is solved. This is the story's ending.

# Edward takes Bella to their school prom, and both proclaim their love for each other. The movie ends with both of them kissing. <--(swoon)

3rd Vocabulary Entry

1. Tear

- Tear off ( To tear something apart)
- Tear down ( To bring something down)

2. Fall

- Fall off ( To fall down from somewhere)
- Fall over ( To fall over something)

3. Break

- Break down ( Crying about something)
- Break away ( To separate from something)

4. Stand

- Stand up ( To be in a standing position)
- Stand down ( To back away from doing something)

5. Keep

- Keep it ( To keep something)
- Keep going ( To continue on)

6. Turn

- Turn back ( To come back)
- Turn away ( To look away from something)

7. Pull

- Pull out ( To get out of something)
- Pull in ( To pull something in)

8. Walk

- Walk away ( To leave from something or somewhere)
- Walk in ( To walk into a room or somewhere)

9. Back

- Back up ( To back away from someone or something)
- Back off ( To get away from something)

10. Take

- Take cover ( To hide or defend one self from something)
- Take over ( To gain power over something from someone else)

2nd Vocabulary Entry

The Magical Forest

#Dingy old SUV - Gloomy or drab old car.
#Her pink already almost auburn cheek - Describing that her cheek is pink, almost auburn in color.
#A weak forced smile - A smile that is unconvincing.
#Brown leather jacket - A jacket made of brown leather.
#Fifty acre vineyard - A really huge vineyard.
#A very small person dressed in green - The person is small in size and is wearing green clothing.
#A pair of small eyes - Two small sized eyes.
#Sharp pointy nose - A nose that looks sharp and pointy.
#His face was shaped like an apple - Apple shaped face.
#Thick beard - Thick facial hair.
#Bushy eyebrows - Thick, bush like eyebrows.
#A very old pair of green jacket - A jacket green in color, and have been worn a long time.
#Worn out green khaki pants - Green khaki pants that have been worn so many times.
#A very big oak tree - An oak tree that is very big.

1st Vocabulary Entry


1. April showers bring May flowers.
++ Although rain in April is annoying, it starts the flowers growing.

a. Although it was a dreary, rainy day, we felt cheerful, since April showers bring May flowers.
b. I hate when it rains all day long, but sin April showers bring May flowers, I'll bear with it.

2. Ask for the moon.

++ To make outlandish requests or demands for something.

a. She is asking for the moon, and she is not getting it!
b. Be reasonable, don't ask for the moon.

3. Curiosity killed the cat.

++ Something that you say in order to warn someone not to ask too many questions about something.

a. They said curiosity killed the cat, but last I check, I'm not a cat.
b. Dude, don't poke into things that is not your concern. Don't you know curiosity killed the cat?

4. Clothes make the man.

++People will judge you according to the way you dress.

a. Jim was always careful about the way he dressed because he believed that clothes make the man.
b. Before John was rejected at the job interview, the man in the fancy suit told him, clothes make the man, so next time make sure to clean up before coming in for a job interview.

5. Eye for an eye.

++If someone hurts you, you should punish the offender by hurting him or her in the same way.

a. When they were little, the two brothers operated on the principle of an eye for an eye, so that if the older one hits the younger one, the younger one can hit the older one back just as hard.
b. In the game of way, it will always be an eye for an eye.

6. Pain in the neck.

++ Someone who is very annoying and always disturbing you.

a. My little brother is a pain in the neck!
b. The girls in my class are a pain in the neck, always bothering me with their gossips.

7. Keep in touch.

++Keep communicating with someone even though you may live apart.

a. I still keep in touch with some of my childhood friends.
b. She moved away a few years ago, but every now and then we still keep in touch.

8. Face your demons.

++Confront your fears or something that you have been trying very hard to avoid.

a. Sometimes you just have to face your demons and jump in the water.
b. My friend told me to just go ask him out. Easy for you to say, you're not the one that has to face your demon!

9. Dark horse.

++ A person that is a bit of a mystery and we don't know how he or she will react or perform.

a. Ever since he won that game unexpectedly, people have been calling him the dark horse.
b. Suddenly, after years of being in the bottom, Joshua has suddenly become the dark horse of the team.

10. Back the wrong horse.

++ Giving your support to the losing side in something.

a. She knew she back the wrong horse when the team she was rooting for was being thrashed by the other team.
b. The worst feeling in the world is when you back the wrong horse, and someone is always there to tell you I-told-you-so.

5th Reflection Topic

Scene 3: A man trying to sell a magic potion to a young lady.

It was a cloudy and windy evening at the park. Cindy tried her best to stay warm in her coat, while sitting at a bench waiting for Jason to come. He was taking ages.
Suddenly, "A pretty young lady such as yourself should never be left alone on such a lovely evening,"said a creepy looking man, probably in his mid-30s. "I won't be for long, since my boyfriend will be coming soon," said Cindy. It was her attempt to get rid of the suspicious looking man.
Smiling the weirdest smile ever, the man approached Cindy. I smell trouble. "Would you like to have a magical evening with your man then?"he said, still smiling. I have to get away from him.
"Now now miss, there's no need to be afraid, I just need you to look at this magic potion,"said the man. He was pushing a small bottle into Cindy's hand, and it smelled funny. Not in a good way.
"I'm afraid I have no money with me currently,"Cindy said in a cold voice. Where are you Jason? "Well, that shall not be a problem miss. I can give you a free sample for now," his smile was starting to really scare Cindy. "No need, I don't think I need any kind of magic to help me with my life right now,"said Cindy.
The smile on the man's face was quickly replaced with an angry frown. Oh boy. "Is everything alright honey?" asked Jason who came out from nowhere. Cindy had never felt so relieved. "Yeah, let's just go, I'm starving," she said while grabbing Jason's arm. Walking away quickly, Cindy glanced back at the man. He was already gone.

4th Reflection Topic

Ever since I saw Sepet, I fell in love with the whole cast member. Not just the main cast, the hero and heroin, but also the supporting cast. I was especially fond of Adibah Noor. Still am fond of her. Whats not to like? That woman's talent is even bigger than her body. She is gorgeous by the way, no matter what size she wears.

That was years ago. Then a couple years later, I saw Adibah in a commercial about sanitary pads, Libresse. It was hilarious. Seriously it was. I have to give it to the product's company. It was a business savvy decision. Making one of Malaysia's most beloved celebrity as their spokesperson? Genius guys. Nice move.

The thing about me is, once I have found something that I am comfortable with, I stick with it. I like to think of myself as a loyal person. I decided long ago that I was going to stick with Stayfree when it comes to sanitary pads. And I have been using the same brand for years.

Then the Adibah Noor Libresse commercial came out.

Immediately after I saw that hilarious ad, I went out, went straight to the nearest Watson store, and got my self some Libresse pads. I felt so bad for betraying Stayfree, but I just had to try it myself after I saw Adibah being the spokesperson. Well, it was okay. But that was the first and last time I changed brands. Safe to say, the only reason I tried the product was because of the crazy commercial that Adibah was in.

3rd Reflection Topic

"Who Knew"

You took my hand, you showed me how
You promised me you'd be around
Uh huh, that's right
I took your words and I believed
In everything you said to me
Yeah huh, that's right
If someone said three years from now
You'd be long gone
I'd stand up and punch them out
Cause they're all wrong
I know better
Cause you said forever
And ever, who knew?
Remember when we were such fools
And so convinced and just too cool
Oh no, no no
I wish I could touch you again
I wish I could still call you a friend
I'd give anything
When someone said count your blessings now
For they're long gone
I guess I just didn't know how
I was all wrong
But they knew better
Still you said forever and ever
Who knew? Yeah yeah
I'll keep you locked in my head
Until we meet again
Until we, until we meet again
And I won't forget you my friend
What happened?
If someone said three years from now
You'd be long gone
I'd stand up and punch them out
Cause they're all wrong
And that last kiss I'll cherish
Until we meet again
And time makes it harder
I wish I could remember
But I keep your memory
You visit me in my sleep
My darling, who knew?
My darling
My darling, who knew?
My darling I miss you
My darling, who knew?
Who knew?

Believe it or not, I was once a lovesick high school girl. My very first serious (back then it was) relationship started when I was 16. That year I was in Form Five. It seems very silly now, but back then, that relationship was very dear to me. My friends cheered us on, while my teachers said have fun while it lasts. The latter used to make me so angry. Much like the lyrics of this song. I always said, or more like bragged, that our relationship will definitely end happily ever after. Boy, was I so wrong.

The lyrics of this song pretty much sums up the relationship I had with my ex-boyfriend. <-- Well, that felt awkward. At first, it was all going great, I even had our wedding planned, how many kids we were going to have, which house we were going to check out, and even what kind of dog to keep. I know. I was full of cheese and fluffy candy back then. But, like they say, all good things come to an end. When you commit to a relationship at a very young age, it is hard to keep up with your partner since eventually, everybody changes.

We graduated high school. We were still together after SPM, since we had all the time in the world to spend with each other. And then came the dreaded separation. He went away to study first. You know what they say about distance? That it makes the heart grow fonder? Its a bunch of bull crap. Long distance relationships are always hard. especially when you are an emotional, insecure and hormonal teenager. Breaking up was inevitable. I won't dwell on the details after the break up. Let's just say I was an emotional wreck.

Although I didn't get the fairy tale ending that I always fantasized about, looking back, that one relationship gave me all the experience I needed to prepare me for my next relationship. Which, by the way, still hasn't found its way to me yet. I feel fortunate that even after things ended with my ex, I did not immediately jump back into the dating pool. I took my time to relax and enjoyed being single. I think I enjoy it too much since I still am single till today. When the time is right, and God knows I'm ready, I'll find that one person. Maybe I already met him but haven't realized it yet. Who knows?

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Aunty,Nasi Lemak Satu!

Today, I think I finally found a local movie that was able to compete with the late Yasmin Ahmad's movies for my love and affection.

This movie perfectly showed the reality of being a Malaysian, with everything from racist remarks, stereotyping and etc, but was ultimately able to send a message of unity throughout the movie.

And ironically, it came from a guy many considered a racist.

I don't care much for our local movie industry, since its always about mat rempit or jiwang karat love or comedy-thats-not-even-funny, but a selected few have gotten my seal of approval (as if it matters) and this movie, Nasi Lemak 2.0, by Namawee, is now on top of my list. Sepet I will always adore, but Nasi Lemak? I love.

1Malaysia indeed.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

2nd Reflection Topic

Sara froze. What Odin just said didn't seem to make sense. And she refused to believe him. Odin smiled a knowing smile,"I'm sure yer heard me right love. Do yer remember when we first met? I told yer that the forest works in a way that it is here when yer need it, but don't want it, but when yer want it and no longer need it that is when everything goes away."

Sara showed some signs of life when she finally unfrozen herself and started to tear up. "But I still need you and the forest! How am I suppose to go through my days now?" she said through her sobbing. "There there love, all good things come to an end, but it also means the beginning of another good thing,"said Odin.

Sara stood up and plucked a lily. Holding back tears, she walked away and told Odin she'll come again tomorrow. She couldn't help but feel something was missing and doesn't feel right. Sara stopped walking and turned around to take another look at the forest, and finally rested her eyes on Odin, who was standing on a rock by the river, smiling the warmest smile. "Yer take care now love, yer one strong lassy. We will for sure miss having yer around." Sara turned around to leave, but she was sure she saw tears in Odin's eyes.

The next morning, even before the sun rise, Sara went looking for the forest. Devastated was what she felt when all she saw was acres and acres of vineyard. After crying her hearts out calling for Odin, she fell asleep under a vine, woke up late in the evening and went back home. She came back the next day, and the next day and the next until finally she began to accept the harsh truth.

Losing Odin was hard for Sara. Even harder than when her parents divorced. But she knew the memory will stay with her forever, and that she will treasure it. Thanks to the magic forest, Sara had a new found strength, and became a stronger person.

Days, months and years passed.

The vineyard belongs to Sara and her husband now.

Recently, her father passed away. They had a beautiful memorial service for him by the vineyard, with lots of white roses and pink lilies, his favorite. Sara's son, Jason, was really close with his grandpa. The lost really left a mark on him. It was hard for Sara to watch her son suffer.
So, one fine day, she packed him lunch, and told him to go take a walk around the vineyard. Although hesitant at first, he obliged. Jason was out for a whole day but when he came back late in the evening, he was a different person.

Having gone through the same experience, Sara knew something happened to her son. Something good and very much needed by him. Jason went out everyday since then, and always when he comes back, he seems more alive and happy. Sara knew. She knew that Odin and the magical forest was helping her son heal, and secretly she thanked her old friend.

1st Reflection Topic

A picture is worth a thousand word.

Maybe even more. Usually when people try to describe something complex or complicated, it gets lost in translation. Sometimes in situations like these, a picture simply does the whole explaining.

Meaning to say, I am obviously agreeing with the idiom. But, why?

I have been in situations where I would read a sad story about a woman and her dead baby, 3 pages long but feel just a tinge of sadness. Not even a drop of tear. But when I got to the last page, there was a picture of the woman with her dead baby, and tears just started running down my cheeks as if I had a burst pipe in my tear ducts. You see, the words told me the story, but the picture SHOWED me the story.

A picture, carries a story that can be seen or interpreted from a thousand perspective.

A picture of a girl standing in front of a white background tells us so much about her. From the picture, we can see how tall she is, the color of her skin, her hair and the freckles on her nose. No need for a long paragraph to describe her. We just have to look at the picture.

A picture gives us a lot of info about a particular thing.

When I look at our family photos, especially the group photos, I can easily point out the grumpy one, the emotional one, the I'm-the-prettiest-girl-in-this-family one, the alpha male one, and that one person who always has the same pose in every single picture. That tells us a lot about one family. What about pictures with the extended family members? I'm sure the idiom 'a picture is worth a thousand word' is an understatement.

Just look at the picture above, can you guess how many words can be used to describe it? I'll bet my left kidney and say there's probably about a thousand or so. Don't believe me? Count them yourself.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Hi Becky!

Everyone, say hello to Becky!

Since Berries went back to her original owner, I've been completely alone at home. I know I have Jason with me, but Jason can only be parked outside. Boo!

I wanted another pet but its gonna be a strain on me financially and responsibility wise since I won't have enough time to provide tender loving care for it. That's why I went for the next best thing, a plant! Becky might seem ordinary looking, but her red color is so vibrant, our apartment looks alive! I know talking to a plant is weird, but hey, Becky ain't no ordinary plant. To me, at least.

Welcome to the family Becky!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011


This is me when Without Boundaries ended: Y________Y

This is me when Field Trip USA Yr.2 started: ^_________^

A girl is a girl. Don't blame me for moving on in the speed of light.

But gotta say, I got happy real quick because Henry(deliciouslyummbaby) Golding will be back November 6!

This is me when I read Henry's tweet: Hallelujah!!

Aaaaah. Life feels so good when seeing it through these quirky adorkable boys. Henry can be my boy while Qi can be my pet. Adorable!

Generation Y? Not so much.

Experienced a jakun moment when I made a change to my blog and couldn't find the sign in button when all I had to do was go to blogger's main page.Die*

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Carpe Diem

Everyone knows my favorite subject has been and will always be English. But, I have a lover.

I hated the way History was taught in school. So boring and uninteresting! But, the subject itself, I heart a lot. History is something that intrigues me, and always after a certain history show on tv, my curiosity overcomes my senses.

I wish my other favorite subject was Chemistry and Physics, because then maybe I could have built a time machine to go back in time and witness history unfold with my own two eyes.

Which leads to my story.

Why this topic all of a sudden? Simple. I am now tutoring History for SPM. I know I only got B3, but hey, that's good enough? I hope.

And, now the only free time I have is on Wednesday and the weekends. No time for another part time job. Sucks!

I need to make more money, but when time is not on your side, just wait for it to be over. Haaa. Tried to make a joke there but even I didn't laugh. Lame.

Anyways, wish me luck. I'll be needing lots of it.

Saturday, September 17, 2011



Bright lights ahead? Not really. But things ain't as cloudy as it was a few days ago.

Thank you Lord.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

My Dad, My Hero.

I have never truly understood the meaning behind that title. I have now.

Its a little too late for me to realize this now, but my dad truly is my hero.

He may not shoot laser beam from his eyes, he obviously can't lift a car with his bare hand, and he never wear his underwear outside his pants (Thank God!), but for me, he is everything that I want in a man.

No, he is not perfect. His major flaw is alcohol, but other than that, he is what I call the complete package.

I'm sorry for not treating you well all these years dad, I went through a decade long phase called teenage life. I will treat you better from now on though. For a hero deserves at least that. Being treated well.

My rock hard exterior is only a cover for my marshmallow heart, so as much as I want to tell him all these thoughts in person, I can't because he won't understand a thing I'm saying through the sobs and the choked up tears.

He is going through a rough life currently, and it kills me for being helpless. There's nothing I'm able to do to help ease the pain. I feel so guilty for being useless.

I feel so blessed to have a father like you dad. All your flaws and great qualities are what made me the independent girl that I am today. I just realized this as I am typing it, but it was you who shaped me to become who I am now. And for that, I thank you.

I hope you pull through victoriously from the troubles you're facing. We need you for a much longer time. You won't let me walk down the aisle alone will you?

Dad, be strong. I may not say this very often, but I feel it all the time. I love you so much. All I want is for you to be healthy and happy.

A hero is a symbol of hope. So, my symbol of hope is you dad.

Again, I love you.

From the bottom of my heart,
Staceylin Patrick.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Less is more.

Past few days I have been changing up my blog layouts and design. Finally made up my mind and decided to use this one.


I guess that comes with age. I'm too old for fancy smancy templates. For me, less is more.

Yah Yah. Snooze fest anyone?

Hey, as long as my posts delivers what comes from my heart, its all good. *euwdidIreallysaidthat


Monday, September 12, 2011

a sky full of lighters.

Trust me. This post has got nothing to do with a sky full of lighters. So why use that as the title? Just cause the song is currently playing on MTV. Iknowright? I am so cool because I watch MTV. *rolls eye

ANYWAYS, let's get on with my precious life shall we? We shall.

Wasted precious oil driving to college when they could(SHOULD) have told us before semester break that we just need to register online.

I know you guys are SO systematic compared to other private colleges and IPTAs. *sneer

Anyways, awesome customer service aside, got my results. *cue hand claps and pat on my back. I did good. For now. No NC. Yet. Fingers crossed I won't anytime soon.

It's so pretty to look at when your result consists of A's and B's. Now why was I not able to achieve such results back in high school? It's a mystery I cannot answer.

Raising my orange mug up to toast to the new semester ahead. Here's to hoping I won't procrastinate when it comes to assignments. No more glitch with my class schedules and hope that my part time tutoring won't get in the way.

Oh and, PLEASE God, where ever You are, I know You're busy hearing prayers from hungry and sick people, but hear me out here. PLEASE let me get in the same group with pretty flower boy again. smiles and drools.

*wipes drool.

Wohoo! School is here. YAY? Yeah!

Saturday, September 10, 2011


I am bored. World, beware.

Seriously, I may have the most boring social life for a 20 year old, ever. The weekend is supposed to be the best days of the week right? Nope. Not really.

BUT, I do have the best (imaginary) boyfriend(s) ever. and thank the Heaven's God for the invention of Youtube:)

Suddenly, I'm not bored anymore. Boys, beware.

Here I go again.

New semester starts next week. For almost everyone. No more waking up late and getting nagged around by your momma.

So far, so good. For me at least. Fingers crossed for this semester.

Going off course now.

I think I am finally feeling the itch of single life. Hey, don't blame me. It's been what, 3 years? That is a long long time. In dog year.

I think it's about time for boyfriend season,no?

I'm not desperate or anything. Just feels like the second a boy comes up and shows signs of liking me, I am gonna pounce on him. So, nope. Not desperate at all.

Ah, story of my life. Steven Spielberg should direct a movie based on my spoiled life. *oh please sense the sarcasm~

Sunday, September 4, 2011


Announcing to the world, that I recently got a hair cut. and a perm. BEST spontaneous spur-of-the-moment kind of decision I have ever made! Long hair is so last season. Short haired girls have more fun, no? YES!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

in a state of shock and denial.

Everything comes to an end. Even the good stuff. I wanted to rant, I mean blog about this sooner because I know I just have to say something, but I had to finish up my assignments first. Priorities people. now everything is all said and done, I finally have time to wail and cry my hearts out.sobs*

As most die hard fans would probably know by now, our beloved 1N2D will be ending after six months....excuse me....(tissue break). I really don't know how to respond to this news BUT I do know that it is better to go out with a bang than dying a slow and painful death.

Its a sad sad day in variety land, but we still have six months. After that, get ready to watch re-runs of our favorite ajusshi's and seunggi oppa.

I personally think the kpop scene is filled with cheese and cliche's. Although, I have to say, thanks to all the plastic surgery they got, the industry is filled with pwetty and gowgeous people. And those close to me know that I am like a moth attracted to the light when it comes to eye candies. BUT, this show genuinely captured my heart because of the real reality and the fact that its not a scripted show at all.

All the best to the members and production crews. All of you will be missed terribly. WAILS*

I will survive this. Miki, we will survive this together girl! New and better things will come, but none for sure will replace these six crazy people in our hearts. keep it together teng! *runs into room. slams door.WAILS*

Friday, August 19, 2011


1. Platonic love: A chaste and strong type of love between male and female that is non-sexual.
2. Relove: To love in return.
3. Rebound love: Rebound love occurs after the end of a significant love.
4. Probing: To search into or examine thoroughly.
5. Groping: Showing or reflecting a desire to understand.
6. Flirt: To court or act amorously without serious intentions.
7. Extroverted: Somebody who is energized by being with people.
8. Introverted: Somebody who is energized by being alone.
9. Breakaway: An act or instance of breaking away.
10. Phrasal verb: A combination of verb and one or more adverbial or prepositional particles.
11. Compile: To put together materials in one book.
12. Part: A portion or division of a whole that is separate or distinct.
13. Parcel: An object, article, container, or quantity of something wrapped or packed up.
14. Born with silver spoon: Someone born into a wealthy family.
15. Scenarios: A syn-optical collage of an event or series of actions and events.
16. Conviction: A fixed or firm belief.
17. Bitter: Hard to bear, grievous, distressful.
18. Better: A superior quality or excellence.
19. Black sheep of the family: Someone in the family disliked by other family members.
20. Ahead of the pack: More successful than those you are competing with.
21. Adjectives: Any member of a class of words that in many languages are distinguished in form.
22. Love: A tender, passionate affection for another person.
23. Funny: Causing amusement or laughter.
24. Intelligent: Having good understanding or a high mental capacity.
25. Interesting:Engaging or exciting and holding the attention or curiosity.
26. Friendly: Characteristic of or befitting a friend.
27. Sweet: Pleasing to the ear.
28. Handsome: Good looking.
29. Pretty: Pleasing or attractive to the eye.
30. Pollution: The act of polluting the environment.
31. Waste:To consume, spend or employ uselessly.
32. Bag: A container or receptacle.
33. Global warming: An increase in the earth's average temperature.
34. Herbicide: A substance used for killing weeds.
35. Ivory: The hard white substance composing as the main part of tusks.
36. Box: A container, case, or receptacle, usually rectangular.
37. Environment: The aggregate of surrounding things.
38. Elephant: A large mammal living on land.
39. Gun: A weapon consisting of a metal tube with mechanical attachments.
40: Tree: A plant having a permanently woody main stem or trunk.
41. Stump: The lower end of a tree after the main part is cut down.
42: Ax: An instrument with a bladed head on a handle.
43. Book: A written or printed work of fiction or non-fiction.
44. Paper: A substance made from wood pulp.
45. Bin: A box or enclosed space for storing.
46. Wind farms:A large grouping of wind generators.
47. Power: Ability to do or act.
48. Refrigerator: A box or room in which food and drinks are kept cool by means of mechanical refrigeration.
49: Tusk: A long, pointed, or protruding tooth.
50. Recycling: To treat or process used or waste materials.
51. Eruption: An issuing forth suddenly and violently.
52. Fire: A state of combustion in which fuel or other material is ignited.
53. Wind: Air in natural motion.
54. Destroy: To reduce an object to useless fragments.
55. Volcano: A vent in the earths crust through which lava, steam and ashes are expelled.
56. Beach: An expanse of sand or pebbles along a shore.
57. Tsunami: An unusually large sea wave produced by a seaquake.
58. Ash: The powdery residue of matter that remains after burning.
59. Earthquake: A series of vibrations induced in the earths crust.
60. Building: A relatively permanent enclosed construction over a plot of land.
61. Shift: To put something aside and replace it with another.
62. Tremble: To shake involuntarily.
63. Burn: to undergo rapid combustion.
64. Rain: Water that is condensed in the atmosphere and falls to earth in drops.
65. Explode: To expand with force and noise.
66. Changes: To make the form of something different from what it was.
67. Weather: The state of the atmosphere.
68.Heat: The degree of hotness.
69. Pressure: The exertion of force upon a surface.
70.Lava: The molten, fluid rock that issues from a volcano.
71. Water: A transparent, odorless, tasteless fluid.
72. Drown: To die under water or other liquid of suffocation.
73. Tidal wave: A large, destructive ocean wave.
74. Cloud: A visible collection of particles of water in the air.
75. Storm: A heavy fall of rain or hail, unaccompanied by rain.
76. Flood: A great overflowing of water.
77. Shake: To move or sway with vibratory movements.
78. Death: The end of life.
79. Under: Beneath and covered.
80. Earth: the solid matter of this planet.
81. Destruction: The act of destroying.
82. Plague: An epidemic disease that causes high mortality.
83. Hurricane: A violent, tropical, cyclonic storm.
84. Vulnerable:Susceptible to being wounded or hurt.
85. Wildfire: Any large fire that spreads rapidly and is hard to extinguish.
86. Drought: A period of dry weather.
87. Erosion: The act or state of eroding.
88. Tornado: A violently destructive windstorm.
89. Multiple intelligence: more than one intelligence.
90. Cognitive: of or pertaining to cognition.
91. Hypothetical: Assumed by hypothesis.
92. Idea: Any conception existing in the mind.
93. Subcategories: A subordinate category.
94. Notion: A general understanding.
95. Musical: Set to or accompanied by music.
96. Bodily kinesthetic: Control of one's bodily motions and capacity to handle objects skilfully.
97. Logical: Generally accepted to be formal.
98. Mathematical: employed in the operations of mathematics.
99. Linguistic: Being very skilled in language skills.
100. Visual: Seeing or sight.
101: Spatial: Existing or occurring in space.
102: Interpersonal: Relations between person.
103. Intrapersonal: Occurring within the individual mind.
104. Naturalistic: Imitating nature or the usual natural surrounding.
105. Manipulate: To manage or influence skilfully.
106. Perspective: The state of existing in space before the eye.
107. Meta cognitive:The knowledge of one's cognitive processes.
108.Mindful: Attentive, aware or careful.
109: Concentrate: to focus on something.
110. Subtle: Fine or delicate in meaning or intent.
111.Inductive: Employing logical induction.
112.Deductive: Based on deduction from accepted premises.
113.Expedition:An excursion, journey or voyage.
114.Dexterity: Skills in using the hands or body.
115.Sculptor:A person who practices the art of sculpture.
116.Auxiliary verb:A word used in construction with other verbs.
117.Chaste:Not engaging in sexual relations.
118.Significant: Important.
119.Attachment:The feeling that binds one to a person.
120.Pioneer: A person who is among those who first enter or settle a region.
121.Frontier: The part of a country that borders another country.
122.Exploration: the investigation of unknown region.
123.Wilderness:a wild and uncultivated region.
124.Blaze: a bright flame or fire.
125.Settlers:a person who settles in a new country.
126.Conventional:conforming to accepted standards.
127.Voyage:a course or travel of passage by water.
128.Phrasal verb:a combination of verb and one or more adverbial or prepositional particles.
129.Inspiration:an inspiring or animating action or influence.
130.Contractions:an act or instance or contracting.
131.Irreconcilable: incapable of being brought into harmony.
132.Resolve:To come to a definite decision.
133.Conflicts:Collision or disagreement.
134.Converse:to talk informally.
135. Inappropriate:not proper or suitable.
136.Promptly:at once or without delay.
137.Vital: very important.
138.Elaborate:executed with great minuteness.
139.Accuracy:True, correct or exact.
140.Clarity: A clear conscience.
141.Precision:the state of being precise.
142.Efficiency:the state of being efficient.
143.Principles:Rule of action or conduct.
144.Precise:definitely or strictly stated.
145.Jargon:Language peculiar to a particular profession.
146.Pompous:Ostentatious display of dignity.
147.Restraint:restraining action or influence.
148.Transitions:Movement from one position to another.
149.Inverted:to turn upside down.
151.Arouse:To stir to action or strong response.
152.Essential:absolutely necessary.
153.Significant:having or expressing a meaning.
154.Perceptions:the act of apprehending by means of the senses or the mind.
155.Beliefs:Confidence in the truth.
156.Capacity:ability to receive or contain.
157.Ignore:to refrain from noticing.
158.Consistent:constantly adhering to the same principle.
159.Credible:capable of being believed.
160.Coverage:protection provided against risks.
161.Partnership:condition of being a partner.
162. Enhancing:to raise to a higher degree.
163.Proficient:well-advanced or competent.
165.Conduits:a pipe for conveying water or other fluid.
166.Speculate:conjectural thoughts.
167.Insights:mental vision or discernment.
168.Disarm:to deprive of a weapon.
169.Gestures:a movement or position.
170.Constraints:limitation or restrictions.
171. Curious:eager to learn or know.
172.Persuasive:intended to persuade
173. Awareness:condition of being aware.
174. Claim:to demand
175. Logos:the rational principles that governs and develops the universe.
176.Pathos:the quality or power in an actual life experience.
177.Ethos:the fundamental character or spirit of a culture.
178:Karos:a shrub or small tree.
179.Deception:the act of deceiving.
181.Conceal:to hide.
182.Unpleasant:not pleasant,displeasing.
183.Contempt:the state of being despised.
184.Content:something that is contained.
185.Ridicule:speech or action intended to cause laughter at a person.
186.Scorn:unqualified contempt, disdain.
187.Seclude:to place into solitude.
188.Defamation:the act of defaming.
189.Consideration:the act of considering.
190.Tangible:capable of being touched.
191.Intangible:incapable of being touched.
192.Perspective:a picture employing technique.
193.Familiar:commonly known or seen.
194. Defensive:serving to defend.
195.Offensive:causing resentful displeasure.
196.Equipped:to furnish or provide with whatever is needed.
197.Relevant:Connected with the matter in hand.
198.Cautious:showing or using caution.
199. Visibility:The state or fact of being visible.
200.Fundamental:Serving or being an essential part.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Reflection Entry Five

My Funniest Moment.

Truth be told, for the past 20 years of my life, I have had so many moments that were funny, sometimes hilarious and down right embarrassing. Some were forgettable, some not so forgettable. If I had to choose one, well let's see, which one would it be?

I guess it would be the moment(s) when I pulled a prank on my younger siblings. More than once I pulled the same prank on each of my siblings especially my youngest sister and little brother. You see, my idea of a prank is scribbling Mr.Potato mustache on their faces, and adding a Jack Sparrow eye liner, and then snapping picture of them and posting them on Facebook. Yes, I am that kind of big sister.

There was this one time, I just got back from Kuala Lumpur, so of course I was missing my siblings so much, but when I arrived home, it was very late, and they were all asleep already. So, I looked around for a marker, but couldn't find one, then I went through my sister's makeup box, and found an eye liner. The rest, as they say was history.

I was trying so hard to laugh quietly because I didn't want to wake them up, and went to bed happily. When they woke up in the morning, they were so happy to see me, then all of a sudden everyone else laughed at my youngest sister because of her face. It was truly a happy moment for me because not only was I reunited with my family, but we also had someone to laugh at. And that someone was not me.

This may not seem funny enough to some, but to me, I laughed so hard it felt like I was burning more calories than when I went jogging. I wish I could post the pictures I took, but seeing that my siblings are all grown up, I'm afraid they might sue me for public humiliation. Am I not the best big sister, or what?

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Reflection entry Four

How do you learn from others?

Learning is a never ending process. We began when we were toddlers and still continue to this day. It doesn't matter how old or how young you are, learning is something we all have the rights to do. For most of us that were fortunate enough to be given the chance to learn, cherish it. Knowledge is the one thing that can get you through life, victoriously.

Having said all that, HOW do you learn? Scratch that. Let me revise my question. How do you learn from OTHERS? We may not see it, but most of the time, we learn through others. The easiest example would be, learning from our teachers and lecturers.

Unfortunately, people have been divided between the ones with good grades and the ones with bad grades. Which is very typical all around the world. Which is also something that needs to be changed. We were all born with a brain, therefore, we were all born intelligent. No one is born to be stupid. It is just a matter of what kind of intelligence you posses.

Take me for example. If you ask me mathematical questions, it would feel like you're asking me to solve the hunger crisis. But if you ask me to make a rhyme or read out loud a tongue twister, it would feel like eating a piece of cake (not to exaggerate, but I'm being very humble here). Why? Because apparently I am a linguistic person.

So, how do I learn from other people that posses other intelligence? Free tutorials. By free tutorials I meant by observing them closely. That's how I do it, at least personally. Also, never shy away from asking questions about anything that you cannot understand. Trust me, it is better to ask than forever be in the dark. A simple "How do you do that?" might result in you being able to bake a cake. Or being able to drive a manual car. Do not be scared of 'stupid questions'. No such thing.

Even after graduating from college, the learning process will still go on. Never stop learning because knowledge is a man's ultimate weapon.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Reflection Entry Three

Natural Disaster.

Contrary to popular beliefs, the world is not made of cotton candies and puppies (my inner three year old self might have died reading that line). The reality is that our world is a harsh place and can be really mean to us human when it wants to. Can't say we blame it since we are the ones living off from it, right?

So when disasters like earthquakes, tornado, volcanic eruption, and many more happens, what more can we do than adapt to it and try to avoid death and loss as much as we can? It's not always rainbows and sunshine. We sure have learned that the hard way. Mostly through recent incidents like the 2006 tsunami, and March 11 earthquake that struck Japan.

Natural disasters are a thing of nature. Mostly it cannot be stopped, but massive lost can be avoided, if we just take the time to implement necessary precautions. Sometimes, that's all we need to save a life.

Us Malaysians should feel grateful because our country is spared from most natural disaster, but that doesn't mean that we must not be on our toes, because nature is unpredictable, we never know what its got in store for us.

All we can do is, treat mother nature, the way we want her to treat us back.

Reflection Entry Two

Growing Up.

And YOU thought life was hard?

Nick Vujicic will forever be an inspiration for me to strive in life and keep living to the fullest. I absolutely cannot imagine being born into this world with no limbs, but he was, and somehow he managed to live a life much more meaningful than most of us with a perfect pair of arms and legs. Shame on us.

Growing up, all I can say is that I am one lucky girl. We may not live in a mansion, but we are not living in a broken down hut either. We may not eat lavish dinners, but we are not scrapping for a bite to eat either. We may not have a Ferrari, but we are not walking on foot either. All in all, I have a pretty darn good life, and I'm certainly not complaining. Especially after I heard the story of one Nick Vujicic.

Growing up, I have met a lot of different people. Some I respect, some I cringe even at hearing their names. Growing up means you grow out of your old habits. The bad ones. When you get older, you are suppose to act more mature. So when I meet someone older than me, but acts worse than a five year old, I cringe for that someone and hope to dear God for them to change before it gets too late.

When I was younger, I would say when I grow up, I want to be this, I want to have that. Now that I am older, I see myself changing and now I want to be that and I want to have this. This realization made me realize that the world is a stage, and we are merely its players. We can plan and want all we want, but it all happens only if God wills it.

So, when you meet people like Nick, don't feel bad for them, cause they never did. In fact, feel bad for those that cannot cherish life and live a meaningless life. When you meet ungrateful people like these, say it to their face, get a life and count your blessing.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Reflection Entry One

How do you feel about love?

Love is an exciting emotion. It is an emotion not only felt by us human, but also by all creature, living and breathing air. Of course, the word love can be define in many ways. Every single person has a different opinion about love. Some cherish it, some hate it. But one thing for sure is, no one can avoid feeling it.

How do I feel about love? I feel blessed to be able to feel this emotion. I look around me, and I can see all the love that I am getting from my family and friends. I hope they are also able to sense the love that I feel for them. Love is available for everyone, and everyone deserves to be loved.

A world without love, is a world not worth living. Love is like that one secret spice in that dish that you love so much, that makes the dish so wonderfully good. Without love, that dish will never taste the same. It will taste bland even. Safe to say, it is a must have ingredient in every dish.

Love is an emotion that can easily make or break your day. Getting a good morning wish from that special someone every time you wake up always get's you going through the day with a smile plastered on your face. Wake up to a fight with that special someone, and your day becomes a miserable one.

So, love to me is an emotion that get's me going through life. It fuels me every time I am down. It makes me feel comfort every time I feel sad. It makes me feel needed when I feel like an outcast. Ask me again, how do I feel about love? I love it.


turns out i will be using my blog as my reflection entry assignment after all. had no time to make a new one.

so, if somehow my posts become so formal and serious, its because i'm doing an assignment.

to infinity and beyond!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

parting is always sad.

i would like to dedicate this post to my lovely friend in Seremban, Syah.

Sadly, her mom passed away.

I haven't been able to keep in touch often with her ever since i got back to sabah, but i know at times like these, she's gonna need all the love and support she can get. i never did met her mom in person, but from the phone calls she had with her that i saw, i can tell that she was a loving and caring mom.

There's a lot that i can say to her but i know none of them will make the pain go away. The only thing that can heal pain is time. However long it might take.

God, i can't imagine losing my mom. Be strong Syah!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

pit a pat.

Finally kicked my own ass and got myself a part time job. Make that two actually.

and i gotta say, i'm feeling really proud of myself. chewah, baru sikit. I'm tutoring English for UPSR and PMR students every tuesday and thursday night while on weekends, friday to sunday, i'm a waitress at Hoho Bento. it's sort of a Japanese food restaurant. i still hate sushi by the way.

my week has become one helluva week. paging Mr. RedBull.

i just hope i'm gonna have enough time to settle all my assignments and study. ouh and i'm also in the middle of publishing a newsletter for my college. Sounds fun on paper, but trust me, i know nothing of how to publish a newsletter and it is actually really tiring to think of ideas at the same time thinking about the deadline.

if only this was a long semester!

now i know how short a 24 hours-day can be.

Thursday, June 30, 2011

my very first op-ed.

and i have absolutely no fucking idea what to write about.

what is this mindset woman! i used to brag around saying how writing is my forte. turns out, my only forte is whining on my blog. when it comes to hard hitting serious writing, i am so high school.

ideas ideas ideas. why can't you just come when i summon you to come?

seriously, PR Writing is making me reconsider my love and passion for writing.


Monday, June 27, 2011

20 and single.

So, LINE UP boys! LOLs. Not that i'm desperate or anything. Really i'm not. :) Just happy that i have been blessed with two decades of good life. sweet and sour maybe, but still glad. Thank you for the birthday wishes everyone, you guys made it very special for me. sobs*

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Time to dig out the books!


I think i just dug my own grave by agreeing to tutor a bunch of SPM kids. If it was English, it'd be a piece of cake, but no. It's Biology.

and here i though me and IT would never ever be associated ever ever again. i'm sorry for all the nasty stuff i've said to you! and so so sorry for not keeping in touch.

karma really is a bitch.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Rainbows and clouds

aaaaah. i'm now truly savoring the true beauty of living at home. no more hostel worries. and living with privacy!

sure i miss my housemates, but still, can't help but feel relieved i'm so out of that place.

btw, maybe Grammar class this semester requires us to write blogs. i'm so not gonna use this one as my class assignment. Thinking of making a new one just for that purpose.

Now, what name am i going to use?

High 5 Me!


MUET result got out and i got Band 5. It's good enough since i'm not a native speaker of English. and i got it without even studying properly. Although i know that's not true since i've been studying English ever since i was 5. (no pun intended there)

Anyways, still a small part of me thinks i could have gotten Band 6 if not for the writing section. i SO went off format.

Anyways, congratulations to Cheng for also getting Band 5! and Miaw, Band 3 is okay my dear, you can always retake again if you're not satisfied;)

Saturday, May 28, 2011

life's good.

so far, my holiday has been filled with non-stop eating. sucks cause i just found out i lost 3kg (somehow) and now i just went and gain all of them back on.

jurul punya pasal!

it's been fun meeting up with my hoomies, but cissy's gonna start working soon and kuny will be off to Sarawak in a few days.

what's a girl to do without her girlfriends?

thankfully i only have 3 weeks of holiday. won't suffer too much. besides i'll be in KK soon and so will cissy, we can have sleepovers! but minus kuny :(

our relationship is far from perfect but somehow we make it work. gosh i love my darlings!

Sunday, May 22, 2011


exam is over and done with.

holiday is on for three weeks.

and i got no plans what so ever.

PLEASE let this be one helluva holiday!

Thursday, May 19, 2011


for those wondering what this drama is about, go read the recaps on dramabeans. trust me, it will be worth your time.

20 episodes flashed by in a blink of an eye. at first i was skeptical, but in the end, the amount of tears i shed just by reading the recaps showed how good the drama was.

i'm not gonna rant over and over again about how awesome it was, just go read it on your own. all i have to say is, i am one greedy girl. yesterday i wanted my very own sergio santibanez, all the while wanting my very own Kang-ah.

a girl can dream, can't she? sigh.

now all i have to do is wait for the drama to be available in DVD. (pirate one that is)

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

what have i done

i knew it!

i am far too weak when it comes to addicting telenovelas.

i was just trying to see what all the hype was about, so i decided to watch an episode of Marimar. and then BOOM! i get a dose of Sergio Santibanez all raged up with testosterones and pointing a gun at angelika, being protective over the love of his life.

i'm in love.

now here i am. waiting for the show to start. knowing that it's going to bring me a lot of heart ache and frustrations. while googling Dingdong Dantes' yummy photos.

again i say, i'm in love.

Monday, May 16, 2011

a peek into the future

this is the future me.
when i start living alone.
with television by my side.
and junk food.
i think i need to buy a jump rope.

i kid you not.

start packing


mumy gave me the green light to live alone!

bye bye hostel, hello home alone.

now, how am i going to break this to my housemates?

hello summer!

yeah yeah, i know it's summer all year long in Malaysia.

But these few months are going to be super special because summer is the season for movies galore!

There's so many movies coming out, i don't know which one to watch first (providing i have money to spend) but all i know is i HAVE to watch these:
Pirates of The Caribbean: On Stranger Tides
The Hangover 2
X-Men: First Class
Green Lantern
Transformers: Dark of The Moon

and most certainly a MUST WATCH for me:

Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows part 2

i have a feeling the last movie is going to be EPIC.

exam week

i hate when my last paper falls on the second last day of exam week. sucks!

i should really study for critical and creative thinking paper but the subject was so damn hard, by the end of the last lecture, i think my brain gave up on me.

seriously, it stopped working.

now now teng, let's get through this week in one piece yah.

Friday, May 6, 2011

a very happy occasion

i just wanna make a quick shout out to my girlfriend cissy, she turned 21!

sorry i don't have any gifts prepared for this very special birthday of yours darling, i only have an endless amount of love.


but true!

i hope you'll get every single thing you want in life best friend! you know you'll always have my friendship, near or far.


Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Reality Tales

today is judgement day.

naw, not really. that's just me being overly dramatic.

today's just a regular day, where we will be presenting our very short sketch about my take on a modernized fairy tale.

i should really consider acting and directing, i'm really good at being fake and bossing people around.


any who, wish me and my mates luck people.

we'll be needing lots of those.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

i am amazing just the way i are.

singles in love

i love/hate it when i have a current crush! uhm taewoong-sshi, i love you!
fooled ya didn't i?

Saturday, April 30, 2011

the stuff of fairytales

that is one perfect couple

i'm not jealous or bitter or anything, i am genuinely happy for them (even though they don't have a clue about my existence) and wish them all the luck and happiness that they deserve.

i watched the wedding on television and it was a beautiful wedding, especially the dress! oooooh the dress killed me.

there was one thing that bugged me. the anti-royals. SO WHAT if people are excited for the wedding? it is going to be a very huge part of history and most of us just want to be a part of it (even if by being a part of it means watching it on television).

nevertheless, you guys can go suck your thumb.

as for me, i was glad i got the chance to watch it. it's not everyday you get to see a royal wedding.

oh and the Spare Prince was cute too, too bad that Chelsy girl already got her hands on him. ugly dress you were wearing girl! now that was said out of jealousy:)

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

crossing one out


a year where i finally achieved my new year's goal! i know it's not a big deal, but all these years i have been having "lose weight' and 'get clear skin' on my list, and at the end of the year, NADA.

finally this year i had a wish that was reasonable and achieve-able. now if only that one concert i have been waiting for years would come at the right moment;)

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

updates on my to-do list

so earlier this year i made a very short list of things to do this year. one of them was to take MUET this year, and i'm glad to say that i'm currently in the process of taking the paper.

speaking exam was done over a week ago, and i think it went well. so now all that's left is the written exam papers.

gotta say, i almost almost almost chickened out. Thank God i decided to go through with it.

besides, i'd totally be turning my back on my own motto for the year, WHY NOT?
oh and about the list, since Big Bang hasn't announced any concert plans for Malaysia, i doubt i'm gonna be crossing that out from my list anytime soon.

more time to save money! (not that i have saved any money,i have zero)

maybe when MUET is done with, i'm gonna add some new to-do thing on my list.

but that's a big MAYBE.


here's the thing, i know facebook is your very own personal space, where it is up to you to post or share whatever you want to.


when you share with the whole world your personal problems that TMI, it's like you're flashing your underwear to strangers. They don't need to know what's going on with every single thing in your life.

sorry i have to say this, but it's embarrassing.
i just hope i won't commit this sin later on.

Less is more.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

i think, i'm in the middle of writing a book.

it's a really really slow process. i'm still gathering ideas right now although i think i have a rough idea about what the book is going to be about.

fingers crossed everyone. i really hope i can finish what i started.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

screw unbelievers!

i have what it takes!

so what if i'm not following the path that is supposedly made for me?people can bitch around and gossip all they want about that teacher's daughter that didn't do as expected, but someday when i make it big i will turn my back and say 'wait,what?i'm sorry, i din't hear you, since i was busy having a life while you guys bitch around'. and complete it with a smiley face. :)

so keep on hating cause later on,karma will bite a huge chunk of meat out from your ass. and i'll for sure be there to get it on film. aaand now the smiley face. :)


when i say i will, i WILL.


remember that Andrew Garfield movie that i said i need to get my hands on? well i got my hands on it alright.

and hell yeah it didn't disappoint! what a truly beautiful movie, really touching and....wait..bla bla bla who am i kidding. let's just cut to the main point, Andrew was seriously cute in it!sigh~

one more thing,

isn't it weird, sometimes when you really really desperately want something and you look everywhere for it,it doesn't show up,but when you forget and let it go, out of nowhere it shows up?

i hope that also applies to my love life.ngeh~

Thursday, February 10, 2011

A Case of Stolen Identity

well i was used alright. but not by me.

somewhere out there, some jackass moron is wondering why his/her broadband that he/she bought using MY IC is not working. well boo hoo hoo for you cause i terminated that account!

what a dick head.

took me a while to realize that my identity was stolen. Thank You Lord for making me realize that before it was too late. but still, i can't help but think it's kinda cool. kinda, since i've seen things like this happen in the movies only. yeesh.

but in a funny way, as unlucky as i was, yesterday i felt like i was kinda somewhat lucky, cause that celcom guy was totally HOT. while he was explaining things to me, I kept chanting in my head "SERIOUSLY HOT,SERIOUSLY HOT,SERIOUSLY HOT....".

yes i did. seriously. a bit sidetracked there. so, the case is still investigated and i really hope this doesn't happen again to me in the future. lucky it was only some broadband, and not a 500,000$ loan or something like that.

and is it wrong for feeling awesome after making my first police report?seriously felt like i was in Gerak Khas or something. LOL.