Friday, February 8, 2013

A year of uncertainties.

Close eyes. Open eyes. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand it's 2013.

Time FLIES. Like so fast, you blink and you miss it.

I still remember 2010 like it was 3 years ago. That year, a LOT of things happened to me. Past is past. What matters is the moment I'm living right now. Next week will be the start of my internship. Slowly trying to curb my nervousness but I'll survive I think. I made it! This is the final lap Teng. Huff and puff.

For the first half of 2013, I'm going to be having my internship. And then after that, NO IDEA what to move on to. Well, might as well stick to my philosophy in life, live one day at a time. No plans.

So, for the second half of 2013, I'm listing travelling and enjoying the moments on my list of things to do. Mum and Dad gonna have to FUND my lifestyle for a bit longer I think. :)